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The Formula 1’s Grand Prix in Montreal isn’t just a race, it is a feat of industry, logistics and teamwork. Teams from around the world come together bringing their unique talents to bare in the effort to compete and win. Strong teams are built by leaders with the vision to see how independent team members will work together, empowering the team to succeed. In the F1 teams are striving for perfection and so are we. Randstad Canada is proud to support F1 and you can count on us to bring the same level of professionalism to your workplace, that race teams bring to the F1. 
Aerospace Engineer
Aerospace engineering requires candidates who are extremely well-trained, scientifically-minded and intellectually-inclined. In F1 Aerospace Engineers help design the structure of the cars, they test minute changes to the shape and structure of the vehicles to create more down force all to make the cars go faster.

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Sales Manager
Sales manager positions are in strong demand across many different vertical markets. These professionals are expected to lead their sales teams in business-to-business and/or business-to-consumer environments. In F1, sales managers coordinate valuable sponsorship deals that help teams pay their employees, they help venues run events and they help drivers burn through gas and tires.

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Welder Fitter
Welders operate equipment that welds ferrous and non-ferrous metals for various manufacturing industries. Advanced welders working on both small and large scale fitting and assembly projects welders are in need across the country. In F1, specialized welders work on race days and in repair crews to keep cars together and performing their best.

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Data Analyst
Data analysts collect, interpret and store data for things seemingly as simple as the groceries we buy or as complex as the maneuvering of air over the cockpit of a Formula 1 car. Data analysts are the digital experts who organize scientific data so that engineers and other scientists can work with it to improve race cars safety and speed.

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Executive Assistant
Executive assistants are the linchpin connecting an executive leader to their teams, stakeholders and clients. With determination and skill they coordinate events, manage schedules and most importantly, personalities, as they help their executive teams shift priorities at a moments notice and drive the business.

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Accountants keep companies mindful of the need to keep accurate records and plan for their future financial stability. Virtually every business needs basic bookkeeping and tax services, as well as more advanced services such as auditing and strategic planning, an F1 team has a lot of expenses, the limitations set by the bookkeepers keeps cars on the track and teams in business.

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