Job Description: Aerospace Engineering Jobs 


Job Description: Aerospace Engineering Jobs

Aerospace Engineering jobs require candidates who are extremely well-trained, scientifically-minded and intellectually-inclined. This may limit the amount of people who are qualified for the positions, but it also opens opportunities for individuals who have made Aerospace Engineering their preferred field. Individuals in this industry often work on components of such items as missiles, aircraft, satellites and spacecraft.

The Job

Work realities:
Seekers of Aerospace Engineering jobs can expect that they will be working in conditions conducive to the design and development of aerospace and similar equipment and technology. As Aerospace Engineers, they may work on flight simulators, components and instruments in research and development, testing, maintenance and/or production. Many know CAD and CAM software platforms extremely well. Travel may be necessary, especially to production facilities, aircraft hangars and other locales.

Salaries of Aerospace Engineering professionals usually start at approximately $80K and increase according to experience, schooling and other credentials.

Work realities:

The Aerospace Engineer can anticipate that he or she will likely report to someone in the engineering department of a company. This could include a supervisor or director. Some Aerospace Engineer jobs may also be directly reporting to a manager in the technology department.

Aerospace Engineer job duties vary; no day is likely to be the same as another. Responsibilities of the Aerospace Engineer may include: working on avionic systems; working on fuel-efficiency in aerospace components; working with aerospace prototypes; collecting test data; writing reports; writing technical manuals; and training other aerospace professionals.

Some Aerospace Engineer jobs are highly focused, such as those dealing with navigation systems, thermodynamics, propulsion and structural design. Generally, the Aerospace Engineers who do the best understand mathematics, specialized software and how to work as a member of a team.

Future possibilities:
As long as there are aerospace needs, Aerospace Engineer jobs will be in demand. This field is predicted to continue to evolve in the coming years; however, it must be noted that demand isn’t expected to exceed current rates of needed engineers.


Required Skills and Training

A bachelor’s of science degree (at least) will be required for any Aerospace Engineer job applicants. Some of the most common BS degrees that are held by Aerospace Engineers include those in aeronautical engineering, avionics, aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, manufacturing, software engineering, physics and/or mathematics.

Beyond a BS, Aerospace Engineers may choose to get a Master’s degree or PhD to further advance their careers.

If you have earned a bachelor’s degree in one of the aforementioned fields, you likely interned in an Aerospace Engineering department. If not, you may wish to begin networking with others in the industry through professional organizations. Additionally, you may wish to be licensed depending upon whether or not you are going to work with companies that require licenses.

Skills and Certifications:
It’s critical for Aerospace Engineers to keep up with new technologies in their industry. Usually, if an Aerospace Engineer is employed, his or her employer will pay for continuous training. However, if he or she is not employed, the training cost will be absorbed by the individual.

Beyond training in the field of engineering, many Aerospace Engineers seek to be well-rounded by taking courses or classes in management techniques, project management and strategy. This provides them with the possibility of upward mobility within companies and government agencies.


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