Financial analysts are increasingly in demand in Canada, as more data is now available to analyze. As many seasoned professionals reach retirement age, there are jobs available for a new generation of tech-savvy experts.

The Job

Work realities:
Financial Analysts work in an office environment, in a full or part time capacity. As their computer is their main workstation, they may do some of their job off-site, or at distant company branch locations.

Among the major duties of a Financial Analyst is evaluating a company's financial risk and preparing financial forecasts, capital management, and financing options. The Analyst also assesses financial performance, develops cash flow and debt strategies, and assists in preparing budgets.

Future possibilities:
Financial Analysts can progress to management positions that come with additional pay and responsibility.


To excel in Financial Analyst positions, candidates should have knowledge and insight into financial markets and economic trends, especially in the company's field. Since much of their work is done with company presidents and high-level managers, good Financial Analysts should have a high degree of self-confidence and excellent verbal communications skills.

Required Skills and Training

Most jobs require a college degree in business administration, commerce, or economics, plus on-the-job training. A Master's degree is a plus for many employers, while fluency in both English and French is necessary.

Financial Analyst positions usually require a minimum of 3-5 years in a related industry.

Skills and Certifications:
As most financial analysis tools are computerized, those interested in this field need a command of current financial software, plus knowledge and competence in Accounting. Some employers also want a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.


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