Randstad is more than just a staffing agency — we’re a key player in the labour market. One of the ways we help shape the world of work is through our capacity and commitment to share what we know about the current job market with our clients and the community at large. You can access some of our tools and publications below by downloading them at no cost.

A handy guide for key payroll information and employment standards with contact information for various government resources
Keep Randstad's 2015 Payroll Summary Card within easy reach. It contains information on the Canada and Quebec pension plans, employment insurance, vacation entitlement and public holidays, as well as the phone numbers and Websites of various government resources.

Download Payroll Summary Card

2014 Randstad Award Study
As a thought leader and an expert in work and employment trends, we are sharing with you the results of the 2014 Randstad Award Survey. These results will provide you with relevant insight into the perceptions of over 8,500 Canadians, and more specifically, what it is that attracts them to specific employers. Through this valuable and unique research, we hope to help you better define your own employer brand, attract the best talent and achieve your own definition of business success.

Download your copy of the 2014 Randstad Award Study.

2014 Randstad Canada National Compensation Survey
Randstad Canada undertook a study of salaries across Canada to find out where your wage lands for roles in Finance and Accounting, Engineering, Technologies, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Business Support, Skilled Trades and many others.

Download your copy of the 2014 Randstad Canada National Compensation Survey.

Randstad Engineering Trends & Workplace Study
Managing the engineering skills shortage while building a strong team is essential for firms in 2014. By 2020, it is estimated that Canada will have a deficit of 80,000 engineers – companies will be unable to fill their roles. How will your company face this and what can you do to get ahead of the crowd? Randstad Canada has asked 200 of Canada’s leading engineering companies about the methods and the reasons for which skilled technical workers and engineers were hired. Read what influenced their decisions, what their teams are planning and how this will affect your industry.

Download your copy of the Randstad Engineering Trends & Workplace Study.

Regulatory reforms and their impact on Canada’s financial services sector
Is Canada’s financial services sector ready to face new regulations? Randstad Finance and Accounting recently undertook a comprehensive survey, in conjunction with Ipsos Reid, to determine the extent to which financial services providers in Canada are prepared to implement new measures like Basel III, FATCA, and Dodd-Frank. This in-depth study is based on polling of 300 professionals in Canada’s financial services sector working in Operations, Management, Risk Management, Governance, and Regulatory Affairs. It provides perspectives on tightening regulations, increasing demands, and the impact organizations will face with this new regulatory environment.

Request your copy of the Regulatory reforms and their impact on Canada’s financial services sector.

Randstad Engineering – Labour Market Conditions Report 2011-2020
Randstad Engineering’s collaborative study with Engineers Canada about the current and near future of the engineering labour market is a must-read for any employer that is concerned about the job/labour market.

Download your copy of the Engineering Labour Market Conditions 2011-2020.

Managing change in the ever-changing world of work
Change. It happens every day in today’s evolving world of work. All organizations must change in order to remain relevant. But it is how change is managed that can be the difference between surviving and thriving in business. And as leaders of change, you have a critical role to play in ensuring that the change effort is successful. Our latest brochure provides insightful advice on how to manage change successfully.

Download a copy of Managing change in the ever-changing world of work

Workforce diversity: the fresh face of employment in Canada
The first step in weaving diversity principles and practices into your workforce.

Download Workforce diversity: the fresh face of employment in Canada

Coaching your team to optimum results
A useful resource that will give you the tools to build and nurture cohesive, productive teams. In it, you'll find valuable information on key elements that influence a team’s performance and the roles and responsibilities of a good team leader.

Download Coaching your Team to Optimum Results

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