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At Randstad Canada, we understand that every client has different needs and therefore, all solutions need to be tailored to meet each requirement. Regardless if it’s proactive or reactive, deploying the necessary resources and skills is crucial in today’s ever changing economy. When working with Randstad Canada, we can rapidly assist you in expanding your team in order to meet your business demands – whether the role you seek to fill is permanent, temporary or a combination of both, we can deliver top quality solutions.

Temporary Staffing

Our temporary staffing solutions deliver qualified candidates to ensure your organization has the flexibility it needs. From business cycle fluctuations, to the execution of new or short term projects, you need talented candidates with industry knowledge and expertise who can add value to your company and its overall objective.

Whether you are looking for an incorporate business professional consultant or a temporary worker on our payroll, our temporary staffing solutions will help you find professional, skilled workers who can take initiative and lead your team to results. 

Permanent Placement

If you are looking to fill a long-term position, hiring a permanent employee can save you the repeated hiring and training costs you would experience when hiring temporary or contract placements. Along with saving costs, our permanent placement option also gives you the opportunity to find candidates who not only fit your company’s culture but who can strengthen it. Through our large network of quality candidates, you will gain access to the right talent who will add value to your team.

Our commitment to finding you the best possible employer-employee matchesdoes not stop once the hiring process is complete.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Our award-winning recruiting solutions optimize candidate quality while reducing hiring costs.  From end-to-end recruiting services to selective recruiting process outsourcing, our customized programs enhance your ability to hire the right talent for your organization.

Our unique program creates RPO solutions that improve time to hire, increase candidate quality, benchmark and measure performance, reduce costs and improve compliance.  This option will create highly successful enterprise recruitment solutions for your organization.

Managed Services Provider (MSP)

This service can streamline and enhance your approach to hiring. We bridge procurement and human resource initiatives resulting in a highly rationalized supplier strategy that delivers high-quality talent quickly and cost-effectively. 

We provide a full-service approach to supplier management, with solutions that will leverage your existing Human Resources Management systems and develop customized programs to meet your specific vendor management objectives.


This service offers a unique workforce solution for your business. Our proactive approach to workforce optimization is what sets us apart from the competition. We develop specific “Inhouse” solutions for your organization (from implementation through delivery), aimed to improve operational excellence, productivity & labor cost efficiencies.

We work on-site exclusively for your company, providing a full turnkey workforce solution. Our strategy is to gain a clear understanding of your business objectives – both current and future – and then design a solution that delivers improved productivity and operational excellence. Our method and program is uniquely catered to the demands and ever changing needs of your business.


Regardless of your needs or business specialty, you can rest assured that when you work with Randstad Canada, only the best possible employer-employee matches will be found. You will be partnered with a staffing consultant who not only specializes in your job market sector, but is involved in every step of the recruitment and selection process. Our specialists evaluate your current staffing needs and then suggest a comprehensive solution that addresses your specific requirements based on an in-depth understanding of your needs, expectations, organizational structure and operating reality. Our thorough and proven process allows us to recommend the strongest candidates to you, based on their technical aptitudes, personality and work style, and analysis of their potential fit in your organization.

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