finding a tailor-made job through Randstad 


finding a tailor-made job through Randstad

At Randstad, we know that a job represents a lot more than just a way to meet your financial responsibilities. Each of us has expectations and personal goals we wish to fulfill. Randstad consultants are experts in matching individuals with job opportunities that are well suited to them, because we take the time to get to know you and to find out what your specific incentives, expectations and goals are.

Before presenting any permanent or temporary positions to you, your consultant will make sure they meet Randstad's three criteria for a good match: job fit, boss fit and company fit.

  • Job fit. In simple terms, this refers to a job where the duties you are asked to perform correspond to your occupational interests. It's a job where you will have an opportunity to showcase your strengths, qualities and skills.
  • Boss fit. This means a supervisor with a management style and personality that suits your own style.
  • Company fit. This refers to the workplace environment and how closely it suits your personality type and fulfills your expectations.

A substantial part of one's life is generally spent at work. With good job fit, boss fit and company fit, you can look forward to going to work each morning.

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