Job Description: CALL CENTRE JOBS 


Job Description: CALL CENTRE JOBS

Call Centre professionals play an important role in providing sales, marketing, and customer service to customers in all type of businesses. Working in brick-and-mortar locations or virtually, they may handle inbound or outbound calls as employees or as contractors on a full or part time basis.

The Job

Work realities:
Call Centre workers usually work a set full or part time schedule that may include evening or weekend hours. Those working in physical locations often work from cubicles to assure some degree of sound-proofing, while at-home workers need a quiet space, broadband internet service, land line phone service, a computer that meets specific technical requirements, a printer, and fax.

Reporting to:
A Call Centre worker usually reports to a supervisor, but may have little contact with an actual person as work and reporting is often done online or via email.

Often following scripts provided by the employer, the call centre worker may take orders, sell a product, conduct a survey, solve problems, provide technical support, or answer questions for customers.

Future possibilities:
Within a particular company, call centre workers may be promoted to supervisory positions or to similar better paying jobs in other companies. The communication, time management, planning, and sales skills learned in this type of job may transfers to other fields.


Depending on their needs, companies either have an in-house call centre or contract with third party call centres. Call centre employment ebbs and flows with the local and even the world economy, as some positions hire internationally. Even though using offshore or international workers impact call centre jobs in Canada, many Canadian companies are still expanding their in-house call centre staff.

Required Skills and Training

The requirements vary by company, but most companies require a high school diploma or equivalency. More technical position may require specific industry knowledge or certifications acquired through formal education or experience.

Some companies will accept applicants with good phone and people skills, but others require sales or customer service experience.

Skills and Certifications:
Most companies want workers who are dependable, self-motivated, computer literate, able to follow directions, and who have basic math, writing, and phone skills. For some jobs, fluency in other languages is either required or a plus.


Call centre work, both at home and in a physical location, can be a lucrative, flexible career – or a stepping stone to other things. Click here to find the right Call centre job for you!

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