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Behavioral interview questions are based on the logic that past action is a predictor of future actions. As a recruiter, I come across these questions all the time. These questions typically ask you to describe a situation or experience that will illustrate how you handle work situations. Here are some useful tips you can use when answering these questions.

1. Prepare. When it comes to behavioural interviews, preparation is key! Think about a variety of situations to describe and what they say about your skills and ability. Be ready to go into detail, describe the actions you took and the outcome.

2. Listen carefully to each question. If you are not sure what the interviewer is looking for, rephrase the question to clarify. For example, "Are you asking me to describe a situation where ......?" This also gives you time to think about your answer.

3. Stick to the facts. Describe only one situation or event and avoid generalizing about several related events. Be detailed and specific with the examples you use.

4. Use more recent examples. The details will be easier to recall and the interviewer will view them as more valid.

5. If you have limited work experience… use examples from internships, school projects, sports participation, community service or your hobbies and interests. Just make sure the example demonstrates the behavior that is being explored.

6. Vary your examples. Think of situations from different areas of your life and career. Go through your resume to refresh your memory.

7. Be honest. The interviewer will be looking for "progress" and "growth", not perfection. But, do give an example of how that experience has benefited you in the long run.

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