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how to resign and manage a counter offer 

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how to resign and manage a potential counter offer

Ready to leave your current job, but don't want to burn any bridges? It’s imperative that you leave an employer on good terms for future references... Here are some of the best ways to let your former employer know you have decided to move on:

Submit your resignation

  • Don’t resign until you have a firm offer from a new employer.
  • Write a brief letter to your manager giving notice of your last day.
  • Ensure your letter has a positive tone, even if you are leaving due to personality conflict.
  • Outline a detailed list of what you will and will not be able to finish before you leave.
  • Provide ample information for your manager to redistribute your responsibilities to other team members.
  • Maintain your sense of professionalism and integrity at all times.
  • During the exit interview, if asked to give advice on future improvements, give ideas and comments in a constructive and objective way.
  • Keep details about your new position, and how you secured it, confidential.

And if you are presented with a counter offer…

Consider whether you’ll be the winner or the loser in this exchange.

Statistics show that most employees who accept counter offers leave within 10 months anyway. Your former employer may offer more money to avoid larger issues or buy time to hire a replacement.

Think about the reasons why you were looking for a new position in the first place. Remember - a committed organization will do what it takes to keep you satisfied before you start looking for another job.

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