Job Description: Customer Service Representative Jobs 


Job Description: Customer Service Representative Jobs

Even in an era where so many aspects of everyday life have gone virtual, Customer Service Representative jobs are absolutely needed. A well-qualified Customer Service Representative can help a business connect with the public, solve issues and become a positive “voice” for the corporation.

The Job

Work realities:
Perhaps the most important aspect of a Customer Service Representative job lies within its title: The Customer. This is the reason that Customer Service Representatives must be prepared to deal with other individuals throughout their workdays as part of a team. They may be tasked with solving customer problems, helping customers make decisions, reaching out to prospective and current customers, or a variation of these responsibilities. The common denominator in all Customer Service Representative job situations is the ability to communicate with other people in a professional, articulate manner.

Customer Service Representatives may work in a wide variety of situations. Some operate in call centers, where their main tool of communication is via telephone (or through VOIP lines or internet-based chats); other Customer Service Representatives deal with the public in a face-to-face format, as in a brick-and-mortar store.

There is no typical Customer Service Representative job salary, as the duties involved are so variable. Some Customer Service Representative jobs pay by the hour, especially those that are freelance or part-time. However, there are numerous Customer Service Representative full-time jobs that offer annual salaries as well as benefits.

Reporting to:
Depending upon the responsibilities given to a Customer Service Representative, he or she may report to a direct supervisor in middle management, or a C-level executive. For example, a Customer Service Representative in a call center may have as his or her superior the Director of Sales or a Call Center Manager.

Generally, Customer Service Representative job duties revolve around communications. These may include, but are in no ways limited to: attracting and engaging new customers; inputting customer information into electronic databases; maintaining the validity of customer, vendor and/or employee information; solving customer or vendor concerns; following up with customers who have issued complaints; maintaining financial records; analyzing customer concerns; and reading from pre-written sales scripts.

Future possibilities:
There will always be a need for strong Customer Service Representatives who welcome the opportunity to work with the public on behalf of their employers. That makes this position a very dependable one for the Customer Service Representative who takes his or her work seriously.


Required Skills and Training

Unless the Customer Service Representative job specifies the need for candidates to have an advanced degree, most job announcements only require a high school diploma or equivalent.

Those who choose to work in the Customer Service Representative field may enter it without any past experience. However, as they prove themselves competent, they can expect to move to higher levels of responsibility, position and salary.

Skills and Certifications:
It is necessary for any Customer Service Representative job candidate to possess (and be able to prove adequacy of) numerous skill sets. These include: customer service, communication skills, conflict-resolving skills, product knowledge, problem-solving skills, time management, project management and multitasking. It is not necessary for a Customer Service Representative to seek out extra credentialing, although regular training may be required by employers if the Customer Service Representative is working in a highly-niche industry where deep product understanding is required, such as IT or healthcare.


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