frequently asked questions  


frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to register with Randstad?
Job seekers are the reason we are here! There is absolutely no charge for you to use our services. Instead, we are paid by the employers who use Randstad to recruit temporary and permanent people for their teams.

Do I have to accept a position proposed to me by my consultant?
No. Your Randstad consultant wants you to take a job that is in line with your capabilities, your experience and your aspirations. We do not want you to accept a position that does not meet your expectations. If you do not think you will be able to finish an assignment, or if you are simply not interested in the job, we encourage you to refuse the offer.

Once I have completed a temporary assignment, will my consultant offer me other jobs?
Absolutely! If your first assignment was satisfactory, your consultant will continue to offer you other opportunities. Many people gain a lot of work experience this way through Randstad.

Does working on temporary assignments devalue my résumé?
Not at all! Temporary assignments are a great way to gain experience in many different organizations, which can only help to improve and enhance your résumé. In addition, by accepting temporary assignments, you are showing that you really do want to work and that you are determined to seize every attractive opportunity that is available.

Why would I accept temporary assignments?
While not yet very widespread in Canada, working in a temporary capacity has many advantages. It allows you to

  • Gain experience in a specific field
  • Discover the type of job and work sector you like the best
  • Avoid getting into a rut, because you can change assignments and work environments every two, four, six or twelve months
  • Improve your work/life balance
  • Diversify your work experiences
  • Find summer employment
  • Work for a set period of time to save money for a special project, or to travel

Why choose Randstad?
Despite being one of the largest staffing agencies in Canada, our focus is very much on each individual candidate. Our main priority is to offer you a job that meets your needs and suits your interests and aspirations. We achieve this goal by taking the time to learn as much as we can about you: your education, your work experience and your expectations. Also we use specific questions in order to give us an idea of invaluable insight into your personality, so that we can be sure you will be suited to the work environment of a position we might offer you. Our slogan, "good to know you," reinforces our desire to see you as an individual human being, and not just a member of a giant workforce.

In addition to being focused on our candidates, Randstad consultants know and understand the local employment market in which they work. They will be able to tell you up front if there is a demand in your location for the services you have to offer. Our consultants will not just wait for offers to come their way. On the contrary, they will actively search for suitable assignments for you, calling employers daily so that you have immediate access to the best job openings available.

How is my Randstad consultant paid?
Randstad consultants are not paid on a commission basis — they are strictly on salary. This type of pay structure not only increase your chances of securing the right job for you but also ensures you will actually find a job faster. This is because the consultants are not in competition with one another and no candidate is exclusive to an individual consultant. In fact, all consultants have access to your file and all are working to find you a job. So you don't have just one person looking for a job for you, you have an entire team!

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