two types of jobs: choose the one that suits you  


two types of jobs: choose the one that suits you

At Randstad, we always aim to do our best to meet your needs and cater to your specific situation. That is why we offer two employment options: temporary and permanent.

Temporary positions

Whether it is for a few days or several months, a temporary assignment can give you the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in a specific field, take control of your career and/or achieve the right balance between work and your personal life. When you accept a temporary assignment, you actually become a Randstad employee who works on-site for a Randstad client for a set period of time. Therefore all communication relating to your job is done through your Randstad consultant.

Once you have completed your temporary assignment, you will not be left to fend for yourself. Randstad will be there to help you find something else. If you have already completed one or more assignments successfully, it will be easier for us to find more work for you because we will know what your strengths and capabilities are. A temporary assignment is therefore a great way to showcase your skills.

Permanent positions

This is the traditional type of job, and the one most often favoured by employers and employees. Yet even when you are hired permanently by an employer, it is Randstad that takes care of the entire recruitment process. In addition, during your first few months at your new job, your Randstad consultant will phone you to touch base and ensure you are fully satisfied with your choice.

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