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Payroll Clerks, who collect, verify, and process employee payroll information for companies or payroll administration services, are expected to be in high demand due to retirements and expansion over the next few years.

The Job

Work realities:
Payroll Clerks typically work from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in offices, although there are many part-time and virtual opportunities. The main function is to prepare payroll cheques with the proper deductions and complete all paperwork required by the company and the government. While some Payroll Clerks find work with private companies or the government, many are employed by payroll services who manage this function for the companies they contract with.

Payroll Clerks maintain and verify records of attendance, leave, and overtime in order to prepare paycheques that reflect the proper deductions, as well as overtime, bonuses or incentive pay, and vacation and personal time the employee has earned. The clerk provides information about pay and benefits to employees, calculates tax liability, and prepares reports and statements of earnings.

Future possibilities:
Payroll Clerks can reach supervisory or management status with experience and education or become benefits specialists or administrators.


Payroll Clerk positions require good math skills, strong computer proficiency, a high level of accuracy and attention to detail, and excellent communication skills.

Required Skills and Training

Some Payroll Clerk positions require only a high school diploma, but many require college or university coursework in accounting, finance, or payroll administration as a basic requirement.

Experience as a financial clerk is often a prerequisite.

Skills and Certifications:
Payroll Clerks should be familiar with general accounting and software principles, experience with office and accounting software, and excellent attention to detail. Certification from the Canadian Payroll Association is a plus for those who want to succeed in the payroll field. Fluency in both French and English is an asset.


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