Production Workers serve in manufacturing and assembly plants throughout Canada and are responsible for producing, assembling, inspecting, testing, and shipping products.

The Job

Work realities:
Production work is usually repetitive work to complete a task involved in producing, assembling, inspecting, testing, or shipping a product. Depending on the industry, the condition of the workplace may vary, with some medical, food production, pharmaceutical, or computer facilities requiring a high level of cleanliness. There is usually an hourly and daily production requirement to keep the work flowing to the next person or department. Production workers may use tools, machines, or instruments to complete their task, and are expected to be able to lift 35 pounds.

Reporting to:
Production personnel usually report to a team leader or supervisor.

Working as part of a team, Production Workers complete one or more tasks that are part of product creation, finishing, inspecting, or shipping. They must meet quotas and must report time and the amount of work done, as well as any problems or discrepancies, to their supervisor; more commonly, they enter their output and problems on a computer terminal.

Future possibilities:
Productions workers may rise to supervisory positions or to specialty positions in their department or within the company.


Production Workers need a high level of manual dexterity and basic literacy and math skills. Because the work they do impacts others, they must be team players who communicate well with others. The speed and accuracy of the work they do affects product cost and profitability, so their work is very important.

Required Skills and Training

Productions workers usually need a high school diploma or equivalency, although some more technical positions may require specialized training. They may be required to pass manual dexterity and basic skills tests at the time of hire.

Some companies hire applicants with no experience but others seek those with practice, good references, and relevant training.

Skills and Certifications:
Aside from the skill tests noted above, Production Workers may need to have or be willing to acquire skills in blueprint reading, forklift operation, testing, or machinery operations if required by the job.


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