how will we work together?  


how will we work together?

You are now a Randstad candidate

You can apply for any position advertised by Randstad in the newspaper or on the Internet, without having to go through the interview process again or repeat the tests. If you apply for a position offered by a Randstad branch other than the one where you had your interview, inform the consultant who calls you that you are already registered with Randstad. This will save time, and expedite the process of getting an interview with that employer, increasing your chances to secure the job.

Additionally, when a position you might be interested in becomes available, your staffing consultant will phone you. However, we also recommend that you take a proactive approach by calling your consultant regularly to check whether there are any new opportunities for you.

Be selective — don't accept everything

In the event that the proposed job does not interest you, please let us know. This avoids wasting your time in interviews for positions that are unsuitable and ensures that you do not accept a job that does not meet your requirements.

Prior to an interview at the employer's workplace

Prior to an interview with the employer, your consultant will give you a few tips to ensure your performance at the interview is as good as possible. You will be given the name of the person you will be meeting and directions on how to get to the employer's offices, you will be informed with regard to the most appropriate dress code and what to expect during the interview.

Your consultant really knows the employers he or she is recruiting for

Take advantage of your consultant's expert knowledge! Ask any questions that come to mind about the job, the company and your potential new boss. The more you know about the position, the better prepared you will be to meet the employer. And the more questions you have answered in advance, the less stressed you will be during the interview.

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