Job Description: MARKETING JOBS 


Job Description: MARKETING JOBS

Marketing professionals plan and execute strategies that focus on promoting company goods and services to new and existing customers. Many job titles fall under the broad umbrella of Marketing, and the opportunities for talented professionals abound in Canada's thriving business economy.

The Job

Work realities:
Based in a physical or virtual office, Marketing professionals may specialize in activities such as branding, planning, product management, market research, advertising, promotions, trade shows, business development, print or web communications – and often a little of each. Jobs in these areas tend to be diverse and fast-paced.

Regardless of specialty, managers in the Marketing area plan, direct and evaluate activities that promote the company products and services. Typically, they might research the need for the product, determine how and where to sell it, and lay out strategies to do so, which might involve some other functions such as advertising or communications. Many of these duties are delegated to non-management marketing personnel.

Future possibilities:
Talented Marketing personnel can grow into a specialty position within the company or another, or even progress to senior Marketing management positions.


Marketing positions require creativity, good oral and written communication skills, the ability to use technology, and problem-solving skills.

Required Skills and Training

A Bachelor's degree is the preferred minimum for managerial jobs. Fluency in English and French is mandatory.

Some marketing positions that are comparable to other entry-level clerical or administrative jobs may require no experience, but most require some experience in the field.

Skills and Certifications:
Some marketing positions require skills in web design, data administration, communications, or related fields.


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