Job Description: Project Coordinator Jobs 


Job Description: Project Coordinator Jobs

Whenever there’s a project that has to be managed, a Project Coordinator comes in quite handy. That’s one of the reasons that Project Coordinator jobs are unlikely to ever disappear. These types of professionals are simply too valuable!

The Job

Work realities:
The truth is that not everyone has what it takes to be a Project Coordinator. That’s one of the reasons that Project Coordinators are positions unto themselves. Project Coordinators have to be extremely self-disciplined and knowledgeable. They have to know when to be the “bad guy”, and when to speak softly. For some personalities, Project Coordinator jobs come naturally, and they are the ones that are in high demand in companies of all sizes, and for projects of all scopes.

The salaries for Project Coordinator jobs are extremely varied. Because some Project Coordinator jobs are temporary, such as those that are held by consultants, they may be paid on an hourly or project-only basis, rather than on a salaried basis.

Reporting to:
Typically, Project Coordinators have to report to the person who is ultimately in charge of the completion of the project. He or she is usually a middle-manager or a C-level executive.

Project Coordinators are primarily put in place to manage the flow of a project, or of multiple projects, from beginning to end. This means that they have to be extremely organized, and they also have to be good communicators. A Project Coordinator must know when to push others, and when to reassign aspects of projects. He or she is usually highly skilled with technology, which can assist him or her in documenting the project and producing charts, graphs and updates. Multiple projects may need to be managed simultaneously. Project Coordinator jobs can be available across a wide range of industries, and may require some travel.

Future possibilities:
Those who perform Project Coordinator jobs well can expect to earn more money over time. Many Project Coordinators with proven track records choose to eventually offer their services on a fee basis as consultants.

Required Skills and Training

Depending upon the industry in which the Project Coordinator job is being offered, the academic background requirements may vary. Some Project Coordinator jobs can be held by those with high school diplomas, which others require higher level degrees.

A Project Coordinator must be able to provide a potential employer with proof that he or she has experiencing managing projects (and usually people) from start to completion. However, the projects do not have to be paying to count toward experience. For instance, someone with a record of Project Coordinator experience with volunteer organizations could use that experience on a resume to snag a paying job.

Skills and Certifications:
There are no Project Coordinator specific certificates that are predominantly needed. With that begin said, there are certifications in Project Management that could help a job applicant set him- or herself apart from the competition in the eyes of a potential employer.


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