Job Description: Quality Assurance Jobs (entry-level) 


Job Description: Quality Assurance Jobs (entry-level)

Without quality assurance, many companies would be taking unnecessary risks when it comes to maintaining consistency in terms of product compliance, safety and effectiveness. As society becomes increasingly litigious, and as customer experience grows in importance, Quality Assurance Jobs will continue to be necessary.

The Job

Work realities:
Quality Assurance professionals are much sought-after, especially in larger corporations throughout the world. For instance, those that develop products for a wide consumer market are always in need of Quality Assurance people. From shampoo and toothpaste to kids’ toys and games, maintaining consistency across a wide set of regulatory constraints is critical to any company’s success – and profitability.

Salary amounts for Quality Assurance jobs can range, but the median starting income is around $50,000. As with all jobs, entry level Quality Assurance candidates will understandably make a lower salary than their more experienced counterparts, but as they climb the proverbial corporate ladder, those salaries can increase considerably.

Reporting to:
Quality Assurance jobs may report to a wide range of personnel depending upon the level of the Quality Assurance job. For instance, a beginning level Quality Assurance assistant could report to a first-line supervisor or manager. On the other hand, a Quality Assurance professional with an impressive resume could become one of the lead Quality Assurance team members and therefore report to a C-level manager, such as a COO or CEO.

Quality Assurance jobs offer employees the chance to work in a team environment to make certain that all product standards and expectations are upheld. Every day, the Quality Assurance professional will be expected to maintain the safety and effectiveness that the product (and any compliance or regulatory guidelines) demands. It is a very precise job, and therefore ideal for someone who is diligent and enjoys daily challenges.

Future possibilities:
Those who obtain Quality Assurance jobs and who have a reputation for doing well can expect to be promoted over time.

Required Skills and Training

Many in the Quality Assurance realm have at least a bachelor’s degree in a scientific field, such as Life Sciences or Engineering. For software Quality Assurance Jobs, they would often have a degree in Computer Science. Occasionally, Quality Assurance professionals may be required to hold other degrees in lieu of, or in tandem with, a B.S. This could include a business-related degree or certificate.

Any person who wishes to get involved in the Quality Assurance field will want to look for internship opportunities during his or her college or university program. Though it is possible to “break in” to this kind of job, it’s more difficult without a defined career path.

Skills and Certifications:
One of the certifications that may be necessary for Quality Assurance job candidates to hold is that of a certified Lead Auditor. Some ISO experience or certification may also be required or preferred by recruiters.


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