Job Description: SAP Consultant Jobs 


Job Description: SAP Consultant Jobs

SAP Consultants often play a pertinent role, especially at larger corporations, due to SAP software being a very common platform. Because SAP has grown in popularity and acceptance, the need for SAP Consultants is quite strong. Best of all, it seems to show no signs of slowing down.

The Job

Work realities:
SAP Consultants typically work with many levels of management, typically in larger companies, from C-level players to interns. Because their role is to help facilitate the operations of a computer/network system via SAP software, they must be comfortable working at a desk for long periods. In today’s era of mobility, they should also have first-hand understanding of all conventional operating systems. They should also be open to traveling, if necessary.

The salaries of SAP Consultants range widely depending upon expertise and credentials. Some SAP Consultants may start out making in the mid-$50Ks annually. However, those working for government entities on highly secure projects have been known to make upwards of $150K or more each year. A good baseline expectation in terms of income for SAP Consultants is around $70K plus benefits.

Reporting to:
Much of the time, SAP Consultants work for consulting firms rather than for the client companies themselves. The consulting firms are therefore the SAP Consultants’ employers. Alternately, some SAP Consultants do operate on their own or hold in-house positions, in which case they report to IT Managers, COOs and/or CEOs.

As an SAP Consultant, individuals can expect to help companies in a wide range of ways by assisting them in using SAP software to best fit their unique needs. These can include, but are not limited to, business design solutions, business implementation ideas, accounting management, inventory forecasting, cash flow analysis and supply chain management.

The job of SAP Consultant, therefore, requires a deep understanding of the platform, as well as the ability to think critically, communicate well and utilize a broad knowledge base.

Future possibilities:
Reports from 2010 indicated that SAP Consultants held almost 10 percent of the world’s IT jobs, and this figure is only expected to rise. As the mobility of workers grows, so will the need to protect the safety and accuracy of the company’s SAP programs. Therefore, it is unlikely that SAP Consultant jobs will wane any time in the foreseeable future.

Required Skills and Training

An SAP Consultant is usually expected to hold a bachelor’s degree in some kind of technological field or mathematics.

In order to use the title of SAP Consultant, an individual should have more than a modicum of experience on-the-job working with SAP systems. Thus, it is unlikely that a student straight out of university would qualify for this type of position. Many consulting firms and corporations have been known to give preference to SAP Consultants with human resources, management, client services, IT, project management and similar backgrounds.

Skills and Certifications:
SAP certification courses are available and can add credentialing to SAP Consultants. They include SAP Associate and SAP Professional certifications. In addition, some SAP Consultants have added niche certifications to their core SAP credentials, including courses in SAP Composition Environment, SAP NetWeaver Developer Sudio, SAP Project Systems and SAP Service Management.


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