Job Description: Senior Project Manager Jobs 


Job Description: Senior Project Manager Jobs

Not everyone can be good at a Senior Project Manager job, which is why the position pays well. Successful Senior Project Managers with proven track records can expect to make a good amount of money as they explore this field.

The Job

Work realities:
Without Senior Project Managers, many projects simply wouldn’t be completed. That’s because Senior Project Managers have proven that they can see projects – often quite complicated ones – from conception to conclusion. Typically, they have a track record of accomplishments in the areas of analytics, documentation and human resources management that make them perfect for this very disciplined job.

The pay rates for Senior Project Managers can vary depending upon the industry. Some Senior Project Managers choose to work as consultants, in which case their pay will vary on a per project basis.

Reporting to:
Senior Project Manager jobs are not alike; neither are the persons to whom the Senior Project Managers report. Some people in this position may have to report directly to the CEO, CFO or COO of a company. Others may report to middle managers or those at lower executive levels.

Senior Project Managers can be lifesavers when it comes to making sure projects are finished in a timely fashion, and within a prescribed budget. They plan, they evaluate and they motivate. They may also be tasked with handling financial responsibilities, which could necessitate them negotiating with vendors and partners to ensure budgetary limits aren’t pushed.

Along with being exceptional analysts, Senior Project Managers must be strong communicators. Having great “people skills” is valued highly in the project management world, as it often helps a project run more smoothly. Additionally, Senior Project Managers may have to pull together teams to accomplish very specific projects. This requires that they be excellent interviewers, as well as competent mentors, motivators and disciplinarians. It also requires that they maintain expansive personal networks; being involved in a variety of professional organizations can help in this manner.

Future possibilities:
As they prove themselves to be proficient in the basic skill sets needed, Senior Project Managers can move up the ranks within a corporation. Alternatively, they can move to new companies laterally or as promotions.

Required Skills and Training

Most Senior Project Manager job descriptions will ask for candidates to have at least Bachelor’s degrees. However, many have now begun to require that Senior Project Managers be attending (or have received) business classes toward advanced degrees such as MBAs. Depending upon the industry in which the Senior Project Manager is working, additional degrees or credentials in finance or IT could be necessary.

The Senior Project Manager is expected to have years of project management experience. It’s not unusual for Senior Project Manager jobs to require 5-10 years of documented success.

Skills and Certifications:
Senior Project Managers should have familiarity with budgeting, spreadsheets, project management, process management, performance management, recruiting, hiring, coaching and supervision.


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