Job Description: Software Developer Jobs 


Job Description: Software Developer Jobs

Called one of the hottest career opportunities for the right people, Software Developer Jobs are known for being one of the higher-paying options for professionals who want to work in the field of IT.

The Job

Work realities:
With so much focus on computers and mobile devices (e.g., smart phones, tablets, e-readers), it’s no wonder that the opportunities for Software Developer job applicants are plentiful. In some markets, Software Developers can practically write their own salaries if they have credentials to work on proprietary software. An additional benefit to Software Developer jobs is that the work environment is usually pretty average in terms of the stress levels placed upon the experts.

The median salary range for Software Developer jobs hovers close to $90,000 annually. For a position that doesn’t necessarily require more than a bachelor’s degree as well as some on-the-job experience, that’s an excellent figure.

Reporting to:
Typically, the Software Developer will report to someone in an IT capacity. However, there are Software Engineering jobs in middle management that necessitate that the Software Developer not only report to IT colleagues, but also to colleagues in other departments, such as Sales and Marketing.

In general, a Software Developer can expect to be asked to work at a computer for most of the day creating software code for a plethora of practical uses. He or she may work on a number of projects, which could include creating software systems, designing mobile apps, creating a project from the ground up, working on bettering an existing project, modifying an existing product, testing software and debugging programs. Maintenance of all projects may also be required depending upon the position held by the Software Developer.

Future possibilities:
Software Developer jobs are only expected to skyrocket in the coming years, and they show no signs of slower growth. For the Software Developer who is serious about increasing his or her competencies and credentials, the sky may truly be the limit.

Required Skills and Training

Typically, Software Developer jobs require that applicants have a B.S. degree in an IT field. Some jobs may also require extra credentialing and skills beyond the academic degree. A few may require no formal training at all.

A Software Developer will usually have to prove his or her mettle by working in a lower-paying job for a while. This can be expected, and is not to be seen as a deterrent. That’s because Software Developer promotions are commonplace. The better a Software Developer is, the faster he or she can propel up the corporate ladder.

Skills and Certifications:
There are many different kinds of certifications that a Software Developer could obtain in programming tools and different programming languages like HTML and C#.


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