Job Description: Web Developer / Web Programmer Jobs 


Job Description: Web Developer / Web Programmer Jobs

With the proliferation of websites on the Internet, there remains an enormous need for solid Web Developers who are devoted to the design, development and deployment of client sites. This makes the Web Developer job one of the strongest on the market.

The Job

Work realities:
It’s no secret that there are billions of websites, but the ones that need Web Developers most are those sites associated with companies of all sizes. The Web Developer helps create and maintain clients’ websites and webpages according to the needs of the business. Consequently, the Web Developer can expect to spend plenty of hours at a computer, using his or her expertise as well as innovation to design the ideal online “face” for organizations.

Web Developer jobs can be extremely varied in scope, and positions can be freelance, consultant, part-time or full-time in nature. Thus, a Web Developer may work from his or her home, or may be a part of a Fortune 500 company.

The median salary range for a Web Developer is currently just under $80K annually. Even through tough economic times, a solid Web Developer with proven skills can maintain and increase his or her income.

Reporting to:
Usually, the Web Developer will be working with C-level team members, such as IT Directors, CEOs and COOs.

Web Developer job opportunities revolve around either a) designing and developing new websites; or 2) refreshing the design and development of a current website. This means it’s essential for the Web Developer to understand many different web coding platforms, not merely HTML.

Future possibilities:
Web Developer job offerings are definitely on the rise, especially as companies seek to compete with one another in the virtual marketplace. This means that for the individual who is serious about becoming the best possible Web Developer he or she can, employment prospects will remain high.

Required Skills and Training

There are some Web Developer jobs that require no formal education; in those instances, employers put a heavy amount of focus on the Web Developer’s expertise, skills and portfolio. However, if a Web Developer has a higher education in an IT or design field, it can often help his or her chances of getting offered a job.

Web Developers come to their chosen profession from a wide range of backgrounds. Some are self-taught and have examples of websites they have built over a series of years. Others are more professionally trained, possibly at university and on-the-job. There is no one credential that a Web Developer must have in order to hold this position title. Generally, though, the more impressive the list of clients and sample sites are, the better his or her opportunities.

Skills and Certifications:
A Web Developer may seek out additional certifications to add robustness to his or her credentials. These can include certifications in Internet Webmaster work, Mobile Application Development and Advanced Web Development.


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