about women shaping business   


about women shaping business

For the second year running, Randstad Canada is launching a campaign to help recognize the important impacts that women make in the business world. This year we’ll be hosting three events across the country, inviting business leaders and guest speakers to discuss how women challenge stereotypes in their workplaces.

Like last year, we’ve contracted Ipsos Reid to survey 500 women working in Canada, about their opinions and experiences of engaging in Canada’s workforce.  We have produced a report that we hope will help employers, employees and the public see how individuals and organizations can make a positive impact in the atmosphere their workplaces for women. You can download a copy of last year’s report, here.

As we wanted a way to highlight the stories of women leaders and find a way for people to reengage with the topic on a personal level, we’ve created  the Women Shaping Business Award. We are asking the public to share their stories and nominate women leaders who benefited their organizations, businesses or communities. One of the women who are nominated will be awarded as 2013’s Women Shaping Business. The person who nominated that women choose which charity receives $10,000.

Speaking at these events will be a series of panellists and guest speakers we’ve invited to share their thoughts on our study and their opinions on our survey topics. These speakers include Kirsten Stewart the inaugural President of Twitter Canada, Isabelle Hudon the President of Sunlife Financial and Debra Ross the President of Gamma-tech Inspection Ltd.

In the coming weeks check back to us for more stories about Canadian women leaders, data on women in the workplace in Canada and a collection of other reports that focus on the important role that women play in Canadian society.
Do you know a woman leader who the world should know about, share her story with us and nominate her for the 2013 Women Shaping Business Award!