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Nominate a leader from Sept. 16 – Dec. 1 and reward a national women’s charity of her choice with $10,000

We have all been influenced by a strong women leader at some point in our career. Whether she is your current manager, a former co-worker or your personal mentor this is your chance to share her story.

Share how she has affected you personally, how she’s impacted her organization and how she works within her community and she will be nominated to be recognized as Randstad Canada’s Woman Shaping Business of 2013.

Your nomination story will be made public, so speak from your heart and feel free to include links to additional media. We’ll edit the pieces for length and style, but other than that your free to write all you will.

The stories will be vetted internally and rated on a rubric evaluating the impact that the nominee has made for their mentorship or leadership, their business acumen, community engagement, or innovation within their community, organization or business.

One of the women who are nominated will be awarded as 2013’s Women Shaping Business. The person who nominated that women choose which charity receives $10,000.

Nomination Now!

Consider these while crafting your story

Mentorship and leadership

How has the nominee inspired your business and the people you work with, is she a mentor how does she lead?

Organization or business

How has the nominee impacted business, or the success of the organization, has she fostered a community of inclusion or enshrined the role of women in the workforce and what is her role within the company or organization?

Community or industry impact

Is the nominee a recognized leader in the industry or community, does she promote women in leadership and female professional development and how has her impact propelled the business in industry or improved her community?

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