the 2013 WSB award   


the 2013 WSB award

Through our survey performed by Ipsos Reid and the wealth of hard data on women in the Canadian workforce we’re often overwhelmed by the amount of information about women workers to the point it is easy to lose sight of who we’re talking about.

To find a way to humanize the issue, we wanted a way to highlight the stories of women leaders and find a way for people to reengage with the topic on a personal level. As such we’ve come up with Women Shaping Business Award.

The award itself will be presented to a nominated woman leader whose story best meets our panel of judges’ criteria. The panel will be made up of women business leaders from around Canada with the winners and honourable mentions being publicized in mid-November.

One of the women who are nominated will be awarded as 2013’s Women Shaping Business. The person who nominated that women choose which charity receives $10,000.

For more on the award and nomination process, check out our nomination page, or jump to stories that other Canadians have already submitted.

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