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randstad executive services

To navigate today’s increasingly complex business environment, you need strong leadership, an ambitious and compelling vision, risk-resilient and future-proofed organizational capabilities, and top talent at the C-suite level. That’s where we come into play. We support you in selecting exceptional leaders with the right strategic vision, fully optimizing your human capital investments, and maximizing productivity and outcomes.

With Randstad Executive Services, you benefit from:

  • long-standing talent management experience. 
    With more than 20 years of experience in the Canadian market, we’re uniquely skilled at identifying executive talent that will drive your success and maximize opportunities for growth.
  • a full range of services that are tailored to your needs. 
    We understand your evolving challenges and recommend solutions that will perfectly fit your strategic objectives, organizational structure and culture, as well as your current and future business needs.
  • the perfect mix of data and expertise. 
    You have access to both our advanced diagnostic tools that combine business intelligence, data analytics, labour market insights and analysis, and the acute, deep-rooted industry knowledge and guidance from our seasoned strategic advisors.

With the reliable guidance of our dedicated experts, you’ll have the support you need to make informed, forward-thinking, and data-driven decisions and focus on building a strong human capital strategy.

drive sustainable growth by unlocking the potential of top executive talent.

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executive search

Add high-performing leaders to your senior executive team.

Selecting executives requires more than evaluating a checklist of skills and experience. Navigating business challenges, having the vision and ability to bring the company to the next level, and using sound business judgement are all essential qualities.

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business acquisition, wealth management

We fully support you with your merge & acquisition strategies, helping you secure the human capital and business assets you need to open doors to new markets and position your firm to take advantage of future opportunities.


HR diagnostic & transformation

If you are looking to upgrade, transform or digitalize your talent acquisition processes, we work with you to identify issues in your current processes and design smart solutions to correct them. We focus on increasing the quality of your hires, so you benefit from a faster recruiting cycle and realize meaningful cost savings that can be reinvested in your business success.

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executive workforce assessment

When undergoing a major change like a merger or mass layoffs, you must support your people through the transition while assessing your workforce needs for the future. We help you paint a clear portrait of your talent gaps and areas of opportunity and cultural strengths and weaknesses. We  focus on mitigating risks to your employer brand and reputation, and help you build a strong talent pipeline for the future.


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Partner with a leading firm that has multiple areas of expertise. With the reliable guidance of our dedicated experts, you’ll have the support you need to make informed, forward-thinking, and data-driven decisions and focus on building a strong human capital strategy.

our team

Laurent St-Aubin

National Director, Executive Services, Randstad Canada

A seasoned talent hunter, Laurent St-Aubin advises senior business executives on developing and implementing effective talent acquisition strategies and helps them achieve their business objectives. With Randstad since 2019, Laurent is an exceptional results‑oriented performer, and can turn challenging projects into growth opportunities for any of his clients. His business acumen and in-depth knowledge of the market enable him to create authentic and meaningful connections with talents who have the potential to become the leaders of tomorrow’s top businesses.

Kim Corriveau

Executive search recruiter

With 10 years experience in the sales and marketing sector,  Kim has developed a powerful ability to  get a clear sense of her clients’ business needs and to identify the top-level talent profiles that are a perfect match for an organization’s culture and objectives. Having worked as a corporate image consultant, Kim understands the crucial importance of promoting a compelling employer brand to attract the best and the brightest in an organization.