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Whether you're leading an agile transformation, cloud-enabling your organization, developing an e-commerce platform, or implementing DevOps best practices, Randstad IT Solutions provides recruitment experience and IT project management capabilities to help you do it right.

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what makes randstad IT solutions different?

President of Randstad IT Solutions, Steve MacKinnon, discusses what sets IT solutions apart from competitors in the IT services space. Watch the video now.


creating and refining your agile teams

Build and improve your software development teams and provide them with the tools and knowledge to deliver excellent products.

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finding a partner for cloud-enablement

Considering 'getting on the cloud'? Our whitepaper 'how to find the right partner to cloud-enable your IT organization' covers all the benefits cloud-enabled businesses enjoy.

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devops trends to watch in 2020

DevOps is always evolving. The best practices and processes are changing constantly. Here are some top trends to keep your eye on in the coming year.

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what sets us apart

  • a tech startup spirit, with a reliable structure

    We built Randstad IT Solutions division out of our passion for innovation. We devise creative solutions to solve challenges and respond to the boldest ambitions of our clients.

    We work very well with the unknown, but you shouldn’t. You benefit from the structure of a large, process and data-driven organization that's worked with the biggest IT companies in Canada.

  • we have access to top-calibre IT talent

    We have 20 years of experience in the Canadian IT marketplace. In that time, we've built unparalleled networks with top IT talent in a tight employment market and developed talent market intelligence and data analytics.

    We're Canada’s largest staffing company. We have more direct access to talent than anyone else in the country. As a result, Randstad IT Solutions is uniquely able to ramp up and ramp down project teams quickly and efficiently.

  • we understand the importance of talent retention

    We strive to connect our clients with top talent, and we know that the key to every organization's success is the retention of their best talent. We provide the ability to develop skills in-house and retain talent after the project is done. Randstad IT Solutions supports the full-time transfer of any of our team to a full-time engagement with our customers. 

  • we're agile (in every sense of the word)

    Teams operate using our agile methodology or customer-specific methodologies. We can provide agile coaching or transformational support as required.

    We can manage teams from either customer premises or in-house in our development environment. We offer different pricing models to reflect these different approaches: fixed price, milestone deliverables-based, time-and-materials etc.

    Because our team consists of a mixture of full time and contracted resources and we directly source all our talent, we're able to form blended teams, which are significantly less costly than traditional solutions providers.


the types of projects we work on

  • full-stack agile development
  • mobile app development
  • cloud migration
  • e-commerce web development
  • API / microservice architecture and creation
  • architecting and implementing CI / CD pipelines
  • projects that require deep Microsoft stack expertise

building project teams

  • our PMO will support the screening, on-boarding and on-going project team performance management.
  • our employee-based core team will act as the foundation for scale and ensure knowledge retention.
  • we leverage Canada’s largest IT recruitment engine for direct, no margin stack, staff augmentation to provide immediate scale based on project demands.
how we build IT project teams

agile software engineering

  • we develop applications, software or e-commerce platforms from A to Z, committing to deliverables to hand off a superior quality product. 
  • we use current agile methodology for all we do. we leverage our in-house expertise establishing and operating DevOps methodologies and CI/CD pipeline.
how we do agile development

cloud enablement

  • we provide the expertise and staffing for all phases of cloud enablement, including feasibility assessments, complete IT architecture, migration and CI/CD testing.
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steve mackinnon

steve mackinnon

Steve MacKinnon is the President of Randstad IT Solutions. He leads the strategic direction of the division with a solutions-focused approach, combining Randstad’s powerful staffing engine with exceptional IT expertise. Randstad IT Solutions operates like an ambitious startup with the capacity to build, execute and manage applications, software, e-commerce platforms that scale to a customer’s needs. His passion is providing innovative, flexible solutions that creatively solve the talent + expertise challenge of Randstad’s customers.

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