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The title of accounting technician may apply to a person who handles a variety of basic financial and clerical functions, to someone who has obtained the training and certification to function as a semi-professional accountant.

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about accounting technician jobs

Accounting technicians manage a variety of financial tasks that range from simple accounting functions to preparing financial reports. You can function as a semi-professional accountant with training and experience. Accounting technicians can work for a variety of different companies, working with senior accountants on a variety of client management tasks. This job is an ideal accounting career launching point that, with experience and certification, can lead to more lucrative and specialized accounting positions. 

what accounting technician jobs entail

Accounting technicians typically work in offices with a 9-to-5 schedule. Depending on the size of the company you work for, your duties can range from basic accounting tasks to almost everything a full-time accountant would do. At a large company, you'll likely report to a senior accountant. At a small company you may report directly to senior executives.

average accounting technician salaries

The average annual salary for accounting technicians in Canada is about $43,000 per year. You can expect a starting salary of $35,000 or more. With experience, you can expect to make up to $60,000 annually. Performance bonuses and employee benefits may also be part of your compensation package. Overall, pay in this field increases with experience, education, and certification.

salaries across canada

  • toronto accounting technician salary

    $7,700 - $59,100

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  • vancouver accounting technician salary

    $37,700 - $58,700

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  • montreal accounting technician salary

    $35,600 - $55,600

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  • calgary accounting technician salary

    $38,600 - $60,300

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your day to day tasks

Accounting technicians provide services such as bookkeeping, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, tax preparation, and financial report preparation. In smaller offices, they may perform other office duties. Day-to-day tasks will vary based on the type of company you work for. You can expect the following to be part of your job, including:

  • prepping accounts
  • payroll administration
  • managing balance sheets
  • preparing tax documents
  • invoice management
  • general bookkeeping
  • identifying and addressing financial discrepancies
  • liaising with clients
  • reviewing and updating records

where you can work

Accounting technicians are needed to assist with finance and accounting tasks. Positions are available in all size companies and all industries. This also means that positions are available across Canada. Cities with a larger business or financial industry presence, such as Toronto and other cities in the GTA, offer more opportunities. Many new accountants also work for accounting firms. 

accounting technician jobs

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what you bring to the table

Accounting technician positions require a mix of technicial skills and soft skills. Some of the skills employers look for when hiring for accounting technician jobs include:

  • experience with payroll administration
  • knowledge of accounting software and financial tools
  • experience with tax and financial reporting
  • experience in accounts payable and receivable
  • bookkeeping skills
  • fluency in both French and English can be an asset
  • communication and customer service skills
  • ability to work with sensitive data and information

training and certifications

While some general accounting technician positions require a high school diploma, most positions require a university degree in accounting or finance.

Accounting technicians need familiarity with accounting principles, proficiency with office and accounting software, and excellent analytical abilities. By taking the necessary coursework and exams, you can be certified by the Association of Accounting Technicians. This will give you an advantage when searching for jobs. Additional training will be provided by the hiring company, and ongoing education will help you grow your skill set.

where your career is headed

Accounting Technicians can reach supervisory or management status with experience and education or become chartered accountants or take on other financial positions. Some of the roles that are common for accounting technicians to grow into include staff accountant, financial controller, and with experience you could eventually work your way up to roles such as accounting manager, chartered accountant, or corporate controller. There is ample opportunity in the accounting field to grow your career. 

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