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 Data entry is required by companies in all industries. Falling under office and administration branch, it involves creating, updating and managing data and information. Also referred to as information processing, your main role is to enter data from a variety of sources and documents into your employer's computer system.

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data entry jobs in canada

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Having strong organizational and computer skills is a must in most data entry jobs as you’ll be required to work with a variety of computer programs, online applications, databases, and CRMs. Depending on your role, the type of data you handle can vary. Your role may include dealing with internal or external data. An entry level position in most companies, there will be opportunities to move into more senior roles as you acquire experience. Data entry roles are a great way to get in at the ground floor of a company where you hope to build a long-term career.

data entry jobs in canada

what data entry jobs entail

As a data entry clerk you will spend most of your time working on a computer, organizing files and documents, and inputting data. You will typically report to an office manager or supervisor. If you have a more technical role, you may work in the IT department and report to the IT manager.

data entry salaries in canada

average data entry salaries

Data entry clerk jobs have a starting salary that ranges from approximately $26,000 to $30,000. Experience, where you are located, the type of work being performed, and the company you work for can all factor into your starting salary.

With experience, you can expect to make upwards of $40,000 annually. Experience will also open the door to other, more lucrative roles within your organization or with other companies.

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data entry jobs in canada

your day to day tasks

The day-to-day tasks of data entry clerks are fairly straightforward, and you can expect to consistently perform the same tasks. Your main tasks and responsibilities may include:

  • organizing and sorting documents
  • checking data for accuracy
  • following up on incomplete records
  • generating reports or documentation
  • printing files or records
  • creating, updating, and deleting files
  • responding to information requests
  • running data backups
data entry jobs in canada

where you can work

Keeping accurate records is vital to the operations of all companies. Accurate records and strong data collection practices help companies gain insight and make informed decisions. Therefore, there are opportunities for data entry clerks at companies across Canada. Roles in technology, IT, and communications in Ontario are in demand. Depending on the company, you may also find opportunities to work remotely or as an independent contractor.

data entry clerk jobs in canada

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data entry jobs in canada

what you bring to the table

Data entry clerks are tech savvy and understand administrative procedures. Being well organized and having experience with different computer programs is an asset. Some of skills companies look for include:

  • planning and organization
  • attention to detail and accuracy
  • typing and computer skills
  • ability to follow directions
  • strong communication skills
  • ability to work with highly sensitive and confidential information
  • ability to work under tight deadlines
data entry jobs in canada

training and certifications

Data entry clerk positions typically require, at a minimum, a high school diploma. A college diploma in records management or other related fields is an asset and will improve your chances of getting job interviews. Other formal computer training courses and certificates or experience with computer applications such as Microsoft Office are also recommended. Adding new professional certifications and continuing education is recommended to improve your chances of promotion into more specialized roles within your department.

data entry jobs in canada

where your career is headed

Data entry jobs are typically considered entry level positions, so there is ample opportunity to advance. With experience, you will have a chance to move into better paying positions with more responsibility.

Your experience can propel you into a career in administration or IT, though you may find your skills lend to a career in sales, marketing, HR and other professional fields. Possible roles you could take on in the future include office clerk, administrative assistant, HR assistant, accounting clerk and others. Make it a priority to learn skills in the field where you hope to build your career and you'll have a leg up.

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