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Are you looking for human resources talent that can help your business grow and manage and support the engaged and productive teams that will drive it?

a vision into the world of work

Randstad human resources is unique among recruitment firms. We say that with confidence born of success and a steadfast, non-negotiable value proposition from which all our decisions are made. Everything we do is a result of our expertise, entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to recruitment excellence.

we are recruitment experts driving business today and tomorrow

we are recruitment experts driving business today and tomorrow
Where others see challenges, we see possibilities. All the decisions we make tie back to our firm and holistic understanding of what it takes to succeed in today’s business climate. 

We focus on helping you realize your near and long-term goals and become a true partner as you lay the foundation for future success.

  • We celebrate the successes of both organizations and talent.
  • We share current and future industry changes and trends.
  • We leverage our worldwide capabilities to find and develop new, innovative ways of recruiting
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we use cutting edge technology

The recruitment paradigm has shifted. Organizations now rely on innovative technology to ensure continued growth and development. In fact, your competitive edge is dependent on your ability to find and hire exceptional talent, active or passive, quickly and cost effectively.

Randstad Human Resources uses innovative technologies to ensure your continued growth and development, and extend the realm of possibilities. Worldwide, we invest in strategic technologies, which allow us to set the standard in the recruitment industry and deliver better results.

As much as we depend on technology to offer the best possible service, we also embrace the people side of business. With a healthy combination of technology and people skills, we build long lasting relationships that stand the test of time and lead to measurable success. We believe strong relationships allow us to provide faster, superior placements while maintaining a high level of service.

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we're specialists in human resources talent

Our recruiters are experienced and qualified in the specialized human resources roles they fill. They’re specialists placing specialists. They have a deep understanding of your requirements based on their own experience.

Moreover, our training program is specific to the human resources sector. We're committed to continuous improvement of our technical & interpersonal skills to ensure you're always working with an HR specialist who is fully equipped to understand your needs and expectations.

We're better positioned than anyone in the market to find your next human resources star performer.

  • We provide people intelligence
  • We use a 360° consultant model
  • We constantly measure service satisfaction
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