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When your IT needs can't be handled with internal resources alone, we're here to help. We specialize in deploying, retaining and accessing the talent you need to build custom IT solutions. We're the undisputed leaders in the Canadian IT labour market, so we know a thing or two about matching top-tier tech employees with the businesses that need them most.

what sets us apart

We're different than other IT solution providers. We have unparalleled access when it comes to building custom IT and dev teams. That expertise allows us to offer flexible solutions tailored to your precise IT needs.

  • much more flexible solutions than traditional systems integration and consulting firms
  • deploy and retain IT talent in a wide variety of IT specialties
  • full-service project management; we can take ownership of the project and manage it on your behalf
  • we offer continuity of service after the initial project is completed
  • access top-calibre IT talent through our decades of tech recruiting experience

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custom IT solutions

As experts with 360° view of building IT solutions and recruiting the talent needed to do so, we're the perfect partner to help implement your next big IT project. Regardless of your company size, industry or objectives, our custom solutions are guaranteed to be a perfect fit for your needs and budget.


IT projects

We take a human approach to consulting on IT projects, providing insights and expertise that lead to innovative solutions.

  • we'll find the IT talent needed to complete your project
  • you can choose to retain the hired talent after your project completion, ensuring continuity of service
  • we handle ownership of the project, reducing the risks to you
  • we commit to clear deliverables 
  • pay in increments as project phases are completed
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project teams

Our unparalleled access to IT talent provides us with the perfect opportunity to build project teams on your behalf.

  • we take ownership and accountability of the team, so there's little risk to you
  • guaranteed quality of talent and a reduced time to hire
  • we specialize in building agile project teams, devops, and core dev
  • pricing is flexible and can be built around your specific project
  • ability to develop skills in-house and retain talent after the project is done

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managed resource programs

Looking for a more immersive IT solution? We can manage your IT talent centrally, ensuring you have access to the talent you need, when you need it, at the price you need it. 

  • onboard, deploy, retain, manage and exit talent as needed
  • we tailor a custom program for your precise IT needs; no two programs are the same
  • we handle every aspect of your IT program, taking ownership of the process and reducing the risk to you
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