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steve mackinnon

Steve MacKinnon is the President of Randstad IT Solutions. He leads the strategic direction of the division with a solutions-focused approach, combining Randstad’s powerful staffing engine with exceptional IT expertise. Randstad IT Solutions operates like an ambitious startup with the capacity to build, execute and manage applications, software, e-commerce platforms that scale to a customer’s needs. His passion is providing innovative, flexible solutions that creatively solve the talent + expertise challenge of Randstad’s customers.

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françois pompeo

François is the Director of Solutions Delivery for Randstad IT Solutions. He's responsible for providing superior project and customer relationship management. Francois built his career managing teams and developing productive relationships with clients. He leverages his communication skills to ensure a clear understanding of the project with internal and external teams. He aims to delight clients by providing exactly what they need, when they need it.

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nicolas rose

Nicolas is the Director of Software Engineering Solutions for Randstad IT Solutions. He builds and manages a team of software engineers to deliver high-quality applications, software and e-commerce platforms for clients across North America. A self-described programming geek, Nico has coded a huge variety of programs for work and for fun. He enjoys helping clients choose the right architecture for cloud software.

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