inhouse solutions

Randstad Inhouse Services (RIS) is dedicated to improving your workforce flexibility, retention, productivity and efficiency.

inhouse recruitment

Randstad Inhouse Services (RIS) meets your organization's structural needs, offering access to a high-volume workforce with the skills and flexibility you need to stay competitive. We provide a complete HR process from recruitment and selection, to introduction, planning and management of workers, through to the provision of detailed management reports. 

Our consultants work on-site to customize our processes to your specific needs. Our objective is to improve your productivity, retention and overall efficiency. We have developed this unique service after years of experience providing a large volume of flexible staff to clients in various industries. It's become a key component of what sets us apart from other staffing and recruitment companies.

With efficient systems in place and the expertise of our consultants, we provide the transparency and optimization your business needs to thrive. 

how we add value to your bottom line

Learn how our in-house experts provide full turnkey workforce solutions and help your business reach its goals by addressing your current and future staffing needs.