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temporary and permanent placement options

Need help managing your customer service or call centre talent during cycle fluctuations or short-term projects? We offer flexible solutions to ensure you always have access to talent when you need it. Whether you're adding permanent team members or seeking a short-term temp with experience in customer service jobs, we can help. Every assignment is contingency based and backed by a replacement guarantee, ensuring your piece of mind.

access to top customer support talent

When your hiring managers interview a customer support candidate from Randstad , you can be confident that they understand the job and have expressed an interest in your company. Every candidate we put forth is carefully measured against agreed-upon criteria that are important to you and your business.

fair and transparent pricing

We have the best cost containment strategies of any staffing partner. We consistently deliver top-tier candidates, while maintaining competitive pricing structures. We strive to provide fair and transparent pricing, ensuring you have access to the best candidates at a competitive price.

the onboarding process is seamless

Our online onboarding platform is mobile-friendly and can be accessed in real time from any desktop, tablet or smartphone. Our software is user-friendly, eliminating common mistakes and costly delays caused by manual processes. We also use an automated online timesheet system (OTS) to increase efficiency and eliminates errors and miscalculations in payroll.

benefits for temporary workers

One way we attract the most talented temporary workers in the highly competitive customer service industry is through our benefits program for temporary workers, which offers a wide range of products including life, critical illness, and health and dental insurance.