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The financial industry has long been a staple of Canadian industry. TSX, Canada’s largest stock exchange, is the 9th largest in the world, and Canada’s big 5 banks have long been regarded as some of the most stable worldwide. Though financial growth has been slow in Canada over the past few years, due to incredibly low interest rates and the lagging price of oil, pundits forecast a resurgence of the oil and gas industry in 2017. If this prediction comes to pass, the financial industry is sure to experience a similar uplift.

As is the case in many sectors throughout Canada, the dominant trend in finance and accounting is the integration of digital tools and data analysis. The ability to analyze big data is rapidly becoming a chief responsibility in many finance jobs. Finance professionals are expected to be technically savvy, using digital tools to decipher and parse data from a variety of sources. With the aid of software, financial professionals develop financial forecasts and create strategies to promote growth and increase profitability. Big data and predictive analysis have become a cornerstone in the success of many of Canada’s largest organizations.


the hottest finance and accounting careers in 2017

In 2017, jobs in the finance and accounting sector remain diverse. Some of the most sought after roles include professional accountants. Given their broad expertise, general accountants top the list of in demand finance professionals, though a variety of analyst jobs aren’t far behind!


demand for finance and accounting professionals across canada

Currently over 675,000 finance and accounting professionals live in Canada. At any given time there are approximately 16,700 active job posts in the field. The average financial job takes 46 days to fill (the national average is 45 days), indicating a good balance of job opportunities and talented professionals to fill them.

The demand for financial experts is heavily concentrated in Toronto. As the home of the TSX, and head offices of many of Canada’s biggest banks, almost a third of financial professionals are employed in Toronto and the GTA. Other cities with strong business and political ties such as Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver are also great places to advance your finance career.

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average finance and accounting salaries in canada

Earning a median annual salary of $85,000, finance and accounting professionals are sitting atop the compensation spectrum. To put that figure in perspective, according to Statistics Canada’s last census, the average Canadian household brings in $78,870. Given the highly competitive salaries and benefits, it’s little wonder that Canada’s financial sector attracts some of Canada’s brightest talent.

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hot finance skills to increase your employability in 2017

The financials skills and certifications in demand reflect the diversity of the Canadian finance sector. If your goal is to work in accounting, obtaining designations such as CPA (chartered public accountant) and CMA (certified management accountant) will give your resume an instant boost. If you’re considering a general finance career, studying up on Canadian securities, investments and banking practices, and obtaining certifications that prove your expertise is the way to go.

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industries where finance professionals are in demand

As you might expect, the financial and insurance industries are the top employers in this sector. That said, if you're looking for a change of scenery, there are lots of opportunities in other industries, as well. The majority of Canadian businesses employ financial experts to keep their finances and accounting practices in order. Currently, companies in retail, administration, construction, and information technology are also actively recruiting finance and accounting professionals.

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