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At Randstad, we know first-hand the impact an exceptional human resources team has in the workplace. HR professionals are the heart of the workplace. They make important hiring decisions that shape company culture for years to come. They greet new hires, getting them settled and making them feel welcome. They’re the go-to people when questions about payroll, benefits and training arise.

As Millennials and Gen Z surge into the Canadian workforce, workplaces are changing rapidly to accommodate their unique needs and work preferences. The days of strictly enforced 9 to 5s are waning. New work habits emerging, like a rise in contract, temp and freelance work, working from home, and shared workspaces. To be effective, human resources professionals must adapt and meet the shifting needs of workers. Technology is also influencing the direction of HR: in today’s workplaces, digitization is becoming the standard. HR professionals must be adept at using a variety of online employee management and assessment tools.

Labour shortages in several rapidly growing fields are another HR challenge in 2017. The tech, engineering and skilled trades industries are experiencing a shortage of skilled workers. With fewer candidates than opportunities, there’s fierce competition amongst employers. It falls to HR teams to connect with talent and develop recruitment strategies that ensure their employer is bringing in the talent needed to grow and innovate.


the hottest human resources careers in 2017

Wherever there are people, talented human resources professionals are needed. Businesses of all sizes rely on HR staff to handle recruitment, employee onboarding, benefits and payroll administration, and countless other tasks related to managing and training employees.

With labour shortages in several industries (tech, engineering and skilled trades) we’re seeing a surge in recruitment-based HR roles. General-purpose HR roles are also in demand. HR generalists, HR coordinators and HR assistants are able to handle a variety of human resources tasks, making them a perfect addition to compact HR teams that prioritize skill diversity over specialization.


demand for HR professionals across canada

There are currently over 130,000 HR professionals in Canada. The majority of the HR opportunities are found in epicentres of Canadian business such as Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. That said, wherever there are people to be managed, human resources professionals are needed! With the right skill set, you should find exciting human resources opportunities from coast to coast.

At any given time there are approximately 3,750 HR jobs on the market, waiting to be filled. It takes employers only 41 days to fill HR jobs, lower than average. The quick fill rate indicates a steady supply of excellent talent.

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average human resources salaries in canada

With a median annual salary of $63,000, human resources is one of the better paying professional industries in Canada. To put this number in perspective, according to the latest Statistics Canada census, the average family income in Canada is $78,870. The highly competitive compensation makes human resources a great field for young and seasoned professionals alike.

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hot HR skills that will increase your employability in 2017

The skills and certifications required in the HR field reflect the trend toward digitizing HR services. Knowledge of various recruiting and HR software is high on the list of in-demand HR skills. However, the gold standard HR certification remains Certified HR Professional (CHRP). This is the most widely recognized HR designation in Canada, instantly identifying you as an HR specialist.

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industries where human resources professionals are in demand

The need for talented human resources staff is universal. Companies of all sizes in all industries have employees that need to be managed. That’s where human resources professionals step in. The industries actively recruiting HR professionals in 2017 are as diverse as Canadian industry itself. From professional services, to manufacturing, to healthcare, to education, there’s an ideal work environment for any HR professional.

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