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Technology is now a prominent part of day-to-day business. Though many office tasks have been digitized, the role of administrative staff has not diminished. In fact, quite the opposite. Using software to streamline business tasks is at the heart of most office roles. Admin staff are expected to be technologically savvy and proficient with a variety of business software.

Though filing and clerical skills are still handy to have, the strongest demand revolves around technical skills. In particular, we’re seeing a trend of admin staff blurring with accounting staff. Many of 2017’s hottest administrative jobs require knowledge of key accounting practices such as accounts payable and receivable, payroll administration and bookkeeping. Adding accounting skills to your resume is a surefire way to boost your employment prospects in the administrative field in 2017 and beyond.

Don’t underestimate the power of soft skills in this field, either. Admin professionals must be keen multi-taskers, capable of juggling a variety of responsibilities such as managing correspondence, completing word processing, creating reports and presentations, basic accounting, and coordinating tasks. Your broad expertise makes you a go-to person for other staff who have questions and need support.

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the hottest administrative careers in 2017

2017's most in demand administrative careers are multi-tasking roles that balance a variety of office tasks, supporting and facilitating the work of other employees. The need for multi-functional office support staff such as administrative assistants, receptionists, and office managers shows no sign of waning. The biggest trend we’re seeing is the rise of accounting-focused roles such as accounting clerks, payroll clerks, and accounts payable clerks.

Some of the hottest administrative jobs in 2017 include:

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demand for administrative professionals by city

There are currently over 1.8 million office and administration professionals working in Canada (or about 10% of employed Canadians) providing businesses with a strong pool of talent to draw from. At any given moment, there are 30,700 active office job listings posted in the country. The competition for these jobs is fierce, with an average of 67 applicants per job, nationwide. It takes recruiters just 41 days to fill office jobs, making them administrative jobs one of the fastest roles to fill.

Though the majority of office and administration opportunities are found in large metropolitans where businesses congregate (such as Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa), Canadians will find career opportunities to pursue in all corners of Canada, including both urban and rural locations.

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average office and admin salaries in canada

Administrative professionals’ salaries are consistent across the country. Quebec is a notable exception, with salaries slightly lower than the national average. The median annual salary for office and administrative staff in Canada hovers around $37,000. This makes up about half of the average Canadian family’s income, which is $78,870, according to the latest Statistics Canada census.

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admin skills that will increase your employability in 2017

Employers are looking for a range of skills that speak to the diverse responsibilities that administrative staff handle from day to day. Accounting skills top of the list of in-demand skills for 2017. Not far behind are other technical skills like database administration and file management. One thing is clear: proficiency with key business software is the way to secure your employability in the office and administation field.

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industries where administrative staff are in demand

Canada’s service-based economy relies heavily on the expertise of skilled office staff. No matter what industry you choose to look at, businesses need admin staff to keep their day-to-day operations on track. You’ll find no shortage of administrative jobs with some of the most well-known names in Canadian industry. Whether you opt to pursue a public or private sector career, there are countless opportunities in almost every direction! Some of the top sectors actively hiring in 2017 include:

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