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The Mad Men days of instinct and intuition being the key to brilliant marketing strategies are now behind us. While the need for creativity remains, data and market analysis are now an equally important part of the sales and marketing equation.

As businesses become more technologically savvy, the data at their disposal is growing leaps and bounds. Marketers and salespeople are tasked with processing this store of information and using it to develop shrewd sales strategies that optimize their employer’s return on investment. Increasingly sophisticated tools are used to comb through mountains of data and uncover trends in consumer demographics and behavior. With a deep understanding of customers in their back pocket, sales and marketing professionals are able to craft highly targeted sales and marketing communications that are more effective than ever before.

Beyond the rise of analytic sales and marketing tools, digital skills of all kinds are in demand. Employers are looking for proficiency with various digital tools such as customer relationship management (CRM) software, lead nurturing software, search engine marketing (SEM, SEO and PPC) and various other forms of digital marketing.

the hottest sales & marketing jobs of 2017

the hottest sales and marketing careers in 2017

Businesses count on the expertise of their sales and marketing teams to drive growth and carve out a competitive edge. Employers are well aware that reaching ambitious sales targets requires the insights of skilled professionals. From mastering creative advertising, to managing client accounts, to connecting with customers on social media, there’s never been more diversity in the tasks assigned to sales and marketing teams.

Some of the leading fields in sales include corporate sales, account management, and business development. On the marketing side, digital is the dominant trend, though PR, mobile marketing and social media marketing are also hot. There’s an abundance of opportunities to be found at all levels in this thriving field.

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demand for sales and marketing professionals in canada

With over 1.5 million professionals working in sales, marketing, PR, business development and other related fields, there’s plenty of talent to go around. At any given time, there are approximately 59,700 sales and marketing jobs waiting to be filled in Canada. The average sales or marketing position takes about 48 days to fill, slightly longer than the national average of 45 days.

The demand for sales and marketing professionals is strongest in Canadian business epicentres like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, however there are plenty of opportunities to be found from coast to coast. Wherever there are businesses, sales and marketing professionals are needed to escalate growth!

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average sales and marketing salaries in canada

The median sales and marketing salary in Canada is $56,000. Marketing salaries tend to fall on the higher end of the spectrum (the average is in mid-$60,000 range), while sales salaries tend to skew lower (the average is in the mid-$40,000s). Depending on the job, sales and marketing professionals may also be eligible for bonuses and commission based on their job performance. To put these numbers in perspective, the average family income is $78,870, according to the last Statistics Canada census.

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hot sales and marketing skills for 2017

The skills employers are looking for in sales and marketing indicate the digitization of the industry. Though historically important interpersonal skills like sales ability are still imperative, we’re seeing more emphasis on digital skills. Proficiency with industry software and emerging digital marketing trends are increasingly vital to your employment in this field.

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industries where sales and marketing professionals are in demand

Employers seeking sales and marketing talent represent a veritable who’s who of Canadian industry. Canadian employers in all verticals understand that capitalizing on the skills and experience of talented sales and marketing professionals is the key to unlocking growth. With the diversity available, it’s up to sales and marketing professionals to carve out a career that matches their work preferences.

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