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it recruiter jobs in canada

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Job opportunities are booming for professionals in the tech industry. Sometimes the demand for highly skilled individuals is so intense, employers have difficulty filling key roles. That's where you come in as an IT recruiter! You help employers fill important technology roles. You're a people person who's great at uncovering qualified candidates and connecting with them.

As an IT recruiter, you are an expert at zeroing in on seasoned professionals in the information technology sector. Canadian businesses are becoming increasingly invested in technology and are looking for ways to stay one step ahead of customers' needs, leading to an intense demand for professionals with technical skills such as programming, software development, and data analysis.

it recruiter jobs in canada

what IT recruiter jobs entail

IT recruiters find and hire IT professionals of all types. You may hire developers, project managers, security specialists, and data analysts, among many others. It's up to you to find candidates who have the right blend of skill and experience to succeed in the role you're hiring for. You typically work full-time (35-50 hours per week) though you often work around the schedule of your clients and candidates.

it recruiter salaries in canada

average IT recruiter salaries

IT recruiters can expect to make a starting salary in the mid $50,000s in most Canadian markets. In 2014, the average Canadian worker earned approximately $49,000 annually, meaning most recruiters will make above the national average salary.

As with many jobs, your salary as a recruiter is highly dependent on your level of experience. Many recruiter jobs also adopt a commission model, so you can make even more than the average salaries listed below if you're exceptional at your job. People skills and a vast business network are crucial to your success.

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it recruiter jobs in canada

your day to day tasks

IT recruiters must become experts in the technology sector to provide their company or clients with qualified candidates who will be successful. IT recruiters often pair traditional HR techniques (phone and in-person interviews) with digital sourcing techniques (social media, job boards) in order to find the most skilled candidates.Throughout the course of your day, your tasks will include things such as:

  • meeting clients to understand their hiring needs
  • researching the skills needed for various roles
  • crafting effective job listings
  • posting jobs on job boards and other websites
  • reading job applications and appraising candidates
  • sourcing candidates on LinkedIn and other resources
  • conducting interviews via skype, phone or in person
  • presenting candidates to clients
  • acting as a facilitator for candidates and clients
  • conducting reference and background checks
  • organizing paperwork for job offers
it recruiter jobs in canada

where you can work

With the ubiquitousness of technology in all areas of business, IT recruiter jobs are found in a variety of industries across Canada including government, finance and accounting, information technology, telecommunications, software development, and many more.

The intense demand for talented tech professionals has led companies to seek out IT recruiters who have the skill and vast networks needed to find prime candidates. Companies rely on IT recruiters to streamline the hiring process and find better candidates than they can on their own.

If you aren't interested in working for a single company, there are many opportunities available at recruitment agencies, some of which have departments that specialize in filling technology roles. Once you have some experience in IT recruiter jobs, you may also be able to strike out on your own as an independent IT recruiter.

recruiter jobs in canada

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it recruiter jobs in canada

what you bring to the table

To succeed in an IT recruiter job, you'll need to be an exceptional communicator and researcher. Though you aren't formally trained in the IT field, you're savvy enough to learn the lingo and understand the needs of your clients. To be a successful IT recruiter, you are able to:

  • understand clients' needs and deliver results
  • find and connect with candidates online
  • conduct research and find candidates via networking
  • quickly analyze the quality of applicants
  • interview candidates and determine if they're qualified
  • perform interviews over the phone and in-person
  • work as a liaison between clients and candidates
  • be open to continuous learning and updating your skills
it recruiter jobs in canada

training and certifications

IT recruiters are typically college graduates who have a degree in human resources or business. Previous experience in HR or the tech industry will help you hone your specialty as an IT recruiter. To place senior and high-level candidates, several years of experience is usually required.

IT recruiters can also acquire Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) credentials in order to further demonstrate their skill and stand out in the eyes of hiring managers.

it recruiter jobs in canada

where your career is headed

IT recruiters employed by recruitment agencies or individual companies may move up to management or supervisory positions, or be hired by one of their employer-clients if they demonstrate repeated skill in delivering quality candidates.

Many IT recruiters also opt to start their own recruiting business after they gain several years of experience in the field and have built up a solid network. Often, choosing a niche (such as specializing in IT recruitment), will help you stand out from general recruiters.

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