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customer service call centre jobs in canada
call centre jobs in canada
customer service jobs in canada

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Do you enjoy interacting with and engaging customers and clients alike? Are you a great listener who enjoys helping people solve problems? Do you thrive in fast-paced environments? If this sounds like you, a career in customer service is an ideal career path for you.

Randstad Canada places hundreds of people in call centre and customer service jobs each year. Get in touch today, and we'll help you find a customer service job that's the right match for your skills and your personality.

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Below are some of the most common customer service jobs that Randstad fills. Find call centre and other customer service jobs available by clicking on the jobs that interest you.

average customer service salaries in canada

Customer service salaries range based on your job function and your years of experience in your role.

If you work in a call centre job or another entry-level customer service job, you can expect a salary between $27,000 and $45,000, depending on where you work and how many years of experience you have. If you're bilingual your earning potential increases. Supervisor or manager salaries will also be significantly higher. Supervisor salaries start in the low $50,000s and climb as you gain experience.

Customer service jobs that require you to bring some technical expertise to the table (such as help desk and technical support) will also have higher earning potential. Salaries in these fields start in the low to mid $40,000 range.

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These are some of the most in demand customer service jobs that employers are trying to fill. Learn more about the roles and what they entail:

Some other popular jobs in the customer service sector sales representatives, collection officers, market researchers, order clerks, quality control offers, team lead, technical support and liaison officer.

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where you can work

Customer service jobs are found in almost all business verticals. You'll be able to find customer service jobs in diverse industries like technology, finance & banking, telecommunications, entertainment, retail and numerous others.

Wherever people buy goods or services, your employer counts on you to offer a welcoming smile and close the deal. Your sales ability and people skills are an incredible asset, ensuring there are plenty of job opportunities for you in markets all across Canada. In fact, customer service is one of Canada's largest employment sectors.

your day to day tasks

Customer jobs require strong people skills. Every day you'll most likely be interfacing with customers; you need to know how to communicate with people. Some tasks throughout your workday might include:

  • helping customers or clients in person or on the phone
  • answering customer questions about products and services
  • reading pre-written sales scripts over the phone
  • answering a customer support phone line
  • taking orders or selling products and services
  • conducting surveys for your employer
  • ringing up purchases for customers
  • upselling customers on new products and services
  • reaching out to new, existing or former customers
  • leading or managing a customer support team

what you bring to the table

Customer support jobs require you to be great at working with people. Though most customer service jobs require limited formal education, these are some skills you should have mastered:

  • you work well with people
  • you have a natural sales ability
  • you're well informed about your company or products
  • you have a welcoming phone manner
  • you're attentive and a good listener
  • you're patient and calm, even under pressure
  • you want to solve issues and help people
  • technical skills, if you work in help desk
  • leadership qualities, if you're a supervisor

training and certifications

Most customer service jobs require a high school diploma or equivalent, but even that is not always a requirement.

It's rare for customer service jobs to require formal post-secondary education. In fact, there are many customer service jobs that are perfect for students or recent grads just getting into the workforce. However, having post-secondary education in marketing, sales, business or related fields can help you advance your career into supervisor and management roles.


where your career is headed

Customer service jobs are often viewed as a starting point for those just entering the workforce. Entry level customer service jobs are extremely common and have notoriously high turnover. However, if you gain a few years of experience and showcase strong leadership skills there's room for you to advance to supervisor and management roles.

Additionally, customer service jobs provide a great foundation for many other careers. With your customer service experience, you can look to careers in marketing, sales, PR, or other service oriented fields. Obtaining a degree specializing in the field of your choice will help you focus on your career path.

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