bilingual customer service jobs

bilingual customer service jobs

Bilingual Customer Service jobs are incredibly popular with companies who produce goods and offer services to people locally, nationally and globally.  Not surprisingly, the more languages a customer service representative can speak, the greater his or her opportunities to work in a wide variety of industries.

bilingual customer service jobs

bilingual customer service job description

work realities:

While it may seem like Bilingual Customer Service jobs are all the same, that’s hardly the case!  Working with customers from different cultures can mean having very specific training.  Plus, not all Bilingual Customer Service representatives are required to speak the same languages.  Today, there are needs for people who speak English as well as Spanish, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Tagalog, German, French, Russian, Czech, Polish and more.   

Consequently, Bilingual Customer Service professionals who can offer more skills and experience will be able to command higher salaries than Customer Service job applicants who only offer one language ability.  In fact, some Bilingual Customer Service jobs offer higher-than-average starting rates, whether on an hourly or salaried basis. 

reporting to:

The Bilingual Customer Service expert will likely report to someone in the Customer Service department, such as a middle-level manager.


As with any customer-related positions, Bilingual Customer Service jobs require a high degree of ability when it comes to communicating with customers.  Sometimes, the communication happens in a face-to-face venue; other times, it may be over the telephone.  In today’s Internet era, some Bilingual Customer Service reps help clients via text messaging, chat rooms or emails.  Thus, the applicant must be motivated to serve, as well as ready for anything.

Although it’s common for Bilingual Customer Service representatives to deal with issues such as complaints, that isn’t the only aspect of being in this kind of field.  Some representatives actually offer more training to customers; others may perform outbound sales calling to upsell or cross-sell potential or current customers.  Therefore, they may need to be able to think on their feet and maintain a pleasant attitude.

Bilingual Customer Service jobs usually require that the employee be able to naturally read from a script, be computer literate and have excellent people skills.  Some of these items can be learned in training; others may be innate. 

future possibilities:

The Bilingual Customer Service representative who can perform his or her job with ease can expect to move up the chain of command. 


required skills and training



Bilingual Customer Service jobs do not necessarily require any kind of formal academic training of employees.  However, some do prefer to work with people who have graduated from two- or four-year degree programs at universities.  This is especially the case if the Bilingual Customer Service representative is expected to help customers in a specific niche area.


In general, the only expertise one must have to get into the field of Bilingual Customer Service jobs is to know at least one language other than English.  Of course, it’s helpful if he or she has some other customer service experience, too, to flesh out his or her resume.

skills and certifications:

Bilingual Customer Service personnel may want to increase their earning potentials by learning new languages. 

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