call centre supervisor jobs in canada

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call centre supervisor jobs canada
call centre supervisor jobs in canada
call centre supervisor jobs in canada

everything you need to know about being a call centre supervisor

A call centre supervisor is a natural progression from a position as a call centre representative. It is a management style position, often with supervisors being in charge of a team or specific function within the call centre.

While specific duties of your job will vary based on your company and the products and services they offer, your main role is to manage call centre agents, ensure they meet company performance standards, offer assistance, coaching, and training, and motivate team members to perform at a high level. These positions typically pay more than other roles within the call centre, and there will be opportunities for advancement into more senior management roles.

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average call centre supervisor salaries in canada

The salary range for call centre supervisors varies based on your experience, the type of call centre you work for, specialized skills, and many other factors.

On the low end, the starting rate is about $40,000. With a few years experience, you can expect to make up to $60,000. Depending on your job, you may also qualify for a performance bonus, which will help boost your annual salary. Call centre supervisors who have a salary in the top range tend to manage call centres that require more specialized knowledge.



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call centre supervisor jobs in canada

what being a call centre supervisor entails

A typical call centre involves a large office space filled with call centre representatives working at desks with computer workstations. Your job as a call centre supervisor is to ensure that all reps meet performance quotas. To do this, you will meet with your team on a regular basis, communicate company information, track performance metrics, coach reps, provide new product information, monitor and evaluate reps, and handle administrative duties related to your team.

Call centre job hours are fairly stable, although the actual times when work is required can vary. Some call centre job shifts are during standard business hour from 8am to 5pm, others vary. Depending upon the industry, there may “odd” shift times, weekend hours, and even seasonal shifts. As a supervisor, you may be in charge of a certain team or shift, meaning your hours may vary.

Call centre supervisors typically report to a department or call centre manager. In some cases, you may report to a sales manager and will be expected to ensure their team meets predefined performances standards and metrics.

call centre jobs in canada

your day to day tasks

Most call centre supervisors will have similar job duties and functions. Your typical day-to-day tasks can include the following:

  • tracking team attendance and sick days
  • training and coaching
  • tracking performance metrics and generating performance reports
  • meeting with team members and management
  • forecasting
  • motivating your team
  • administrative duties
  • offering assistance to team members
  • onboarding new call centre employees
call centre jobs in canada

where you can work

Call centre supervisors can work in a variety of industries. However, most opportunities are found with service-based companies and companies in the technology sector. Call centre positions are available in cities across Canada, with more opportunities concentrated in large urban areas such as Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver.

what you bring to the table

Customer service supervisors in Canada are expected to have strong customer service skills and management experience. Skills required in this profession include:

  • management skills
  • expert customer service skills
  • strong communications and organizational skills
  • great motivational skills
  • coaching and training skills
  • strong technical acumen
  • CRM, database and records management skills
  • interpersonal skills
  • interpersonal skills
  • information management and analytics skills

training and certifications

Most call centre jobs do not require an education beyond a high school level or its equivalent. However, post-secondary education is an asset and will help you transition from a rep to supervisor more easily.

As a call centre supervisor, you will be required to have a number of years’ experience as a customer services representative. Management experience is also an asset. However, it may be advantageous for call centre supervisors to have training and credentials in the products and services that are offered by your company. For example, a call centre professional working for an airline should be able to explain the different rates, billing processes, special programs, etc. related to flying with the airline. Additional training and coaching may be provided by your employer.

where your career is headed

With the rise in service-based companies and the service-based economy, call centre jobs, in particular, and call centre supervisor positions will remain in demand. Most call centre supervisors move on to similar roles with other companies or move up into management positions in sales and marketing. Some call centre supervisors also take on new roles in sales, digital marketing, and consulting.

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latest call centre supervisor jobs available

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