help desk jobs

help desk jobs

Every time a customer calls or emails a company with a question or concern regarding that company’s product or service, he or she is likely to get a Help Desk representative. With the tremendous amounts of items that are bought and sold every day, this means a positive outlook for Help Desk jobs and opportunities.

help desk jobs

help desk job description

work realities:

Help Desk jobs are available in practically every city because there are so many customer questions about products and services that have to be answered by human interaction. Whether that interaction is via telephone or through online channels (e.g., email, social media, chat rooms), the Held Desk professional has to be able to efficiently and effectively solve concerns.

While some Help Desk jobs are actually clerical and administrative with the person working at an actual desk, others may be in the field. Some may have to write technical manuals, as well as train customers and personnel. Thus, the Help Desk job applicant must be able to sit for hours at a computer, or perhaps get up and move around (or go to another location) or teach as needed to complete an assignment.

Some Help Desk jobs in high-level industries such as IT pay annual salaries averaging about $50K. Other Help Desk jobs pay between $10-20/hour. The income of any Help Desk job reflects the technical know-how needed by the Help Desk applicant.

reporting to:

The Help Desk professional may report to different personnel depending upon the needs of the position. For example, a Help Desk job position that is located in an IT call center will usually report to an IT department manager or supervisor. On the other hand, if the Help Desk job is part of the Sales and Marketing department, the Help Desk professional can expect to report to a Sales department manager, supervisor or coordinator. In some cases, such as when the business is very small, a Help Desk team member may have as his or her direct report the head of the company.


Help Desk jobs carry with them many functions. Perhaps the most important is the ability to solve customer problems related to products and services about which the Help Desk professional has a thorough understanding. Consequently, the Help Desk professional must be ready and able to listen to all aspects of the customer’s concerns, and then direct the customer to the correct solution as the problem warrants. This requires patience, multi-tasking ability, decision-making prowess, diplomacy skills, product and service expertise, and training on the part of the Help Desk personnel.

Another aspect of the Help Desk representative’s function may be to keep manuals up-to-date, and to train people in the company’s products and services. Therefore, the Help Desk job candidate must be competent in public speaking and communication beyond problem-solving.

future possibilities:

As long as there are products and services, there will always be a need for persons well-trained as Help Desk professionals. This gives Help Desk jobs a better-than-average outlook for the future.


required skills and training



Some Help Desk jobs do not require anything greater than a high school diploma or its equivalent. However, it is important to note that more and more Help Desk jobs are requesting that all applicants hold Bachelor’s degrees in areas such as IT, Information Systems, Business and/or Communications.


Depending upon the product or service that the Help Desk representative will be discussing with clients, the representative may need to have significant experience. For instance, if a Help Desk professional is asked to speak proficiently with customers about all aspects of a software platform, he or she may well be required to have hands-on experience with that software platform.

skills and certifications:

Some skills and certifications may be required to apply for Help Desk jobs, especially if they are in technical fields. The credentialing above and beyond university can be in the areas of: technical writing, technical training and software certifications.

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