engineering recruiter jobs

engineering recruiter jobs

As an Engineering Recruiter, you specialize in sourcing candidates to work in fields where they can apply their knowledge of science and mathematics principles to solve technical problems. In some cases, your clients need people who can develop new products.

You may work as an employee of a staffing firm or as an in-house recruiter for industries that require engineering specialists. You could work full- or part time, in an office environment or virtually. While you may not be a trained engineer yourself, you’ve developed enough expertise in those specific requirements unique to the engineering field.

engineering recruiter jobs

engineering recruiter job description

In the course of your workday, you:

  • manage existing client relationships
  • source new clients and build relationships
  • mine online and printed sources, networks, job fairs and associations for qualified engineering candidates
  • work online, by phone or face-to-face with clients and job seekers
  • network with employers and contacts to connect clients with appropriate candidates
  • stay up to date with trends in HR, and industry news and legislation

required skills

Engineering Recruiter positions require the ability to assimilate technical industry knowledge, and interface it with the needs of companies and candidates. Great communication, networking, research, and negotiating skills make it all come together for a good recruiter.

future possibilities

Your employment depends on the state of the industry that employs you. These factors are affected by the trends that affect international trade and the market for technical products and services. Job opportunities arise as positions are vacated by retiring specialists or those promoted to management positions.  Speaking more than one language is a real advantage.


Engineering Recruiters hold college degrees, often in majors such as human resources, business, or psychology, and move from general recruiting position to a specialty in engineering placements over time. Several years of experience is usually necessary to acquire the industry expertise to hire knowledgeable technical candidates. An Engineering Recruiter might work closely with the Engineering Manager to ascertain that someone who appears to fit a position has the necessary skills.

Like many recruiters, Engineering Recruiters may need certification as a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) to prosper in the field.


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