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Randstad finance & accounting is unique among recruitment firms. We say that with confidence born of success and a steadfast, non-negotiable value proposition from which all our decisions are made. Everything we do is a result of our expertise, entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to recruitment excellence.

finance and accounting jobs available now

Below are some of the most common finance and accounting jobs that Randstad fills. Find a role in your field by clicking on a job title that interests you:

finance and accounting jobs in canada

everything you need to know about finance and accounting jobs

Are you someone who cherishes a balanced set of books? Are you driven by a need to help businesses succeed through sound financial planning and management? Do you see numbers as the ultimate language of truth and the most reliable measurement of a business’s health?

If you identify with the description above, then finance and accounting is an ideal place for you to work. When you're ready to look for your next financial job, Randstad Canada can help you find exciting new career opportunities.

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financial jobs accounting jobs in canada

average finance and accounting salaries in canada

Depending on your job title, location, and the number of years of experience you have, salaries for finance and accounting jobs ranges from around $30,000 to well over $100,000. This wide range is due to the variety of financial and accounting jobs available in the industry.

Entry level clerk positions in billing, payroll, accounting and banking can expect to make on the low end of this range. The good news is that a few years of experience in these positions can pave the way for more senior roles with higher compensation!

Supervisory and management positions that require more experience, such as accounting supervisor, accounts payable manager, accounts receivable manager, payroll manager, tax manager and controller can expect to make in the mid to high range.

accounting jobs to consider

Some of the most common accounting jobs that employers are trying to fill:

If not already listed, most of these accounting jobs also have supervisory or managerial positions in the same area of specialty. As you gain experience in your role, you will have the opportunity to move into these senior positions.

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financial jobs to consider

Depending on your area of interest and skillset, there are many financial jobs in demand across Canada. Some of the most popular financial jobs available include:

Other financial jobs to consider include corporate finance analyst, corporate treasury analyst, credit supervisor, data entry clerk, finance clerk, finance executive, fund administration, FX/MM settlements, insurance administration, invoicing specialist, IT auditor, finance manager, tax manager, underwriter, and plenty more!

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where you can work

When you think of financial and accounting jobs, you probably think of companies such as banks, accounting companies and financial institutes that handle, exchange or manage money.

Though these institutions are the largest employers in the financial sector, there are plenty of opportunities to be found in insurance, government and other areas of business. Most businesses have some financial component that require or benefit from in-house financial experts or an accounting team.

You will likely work in an office setting and keep a 9 to 5 schedule of 35 to 40 hours a week. However some financial jobs also accommodate part-time hours.

your day to day tasks

As a part of a financial or accounting team, your day to day tasks may include some of the following:

  • planning or administering accounting processes
  • analyzing various financial components of your company
  • managing or processing payroll and employee benefit plans
  • managing or processing invoices
  • preparing tax records and financial statements
  • developing financial and investment strategies
  • updating or managing financial information, often via computer
  • analyzing or making recommendations for budgets
  • clerical duties related to finances and accounting
  • interfacing with customers or clients
  • managing other accounting or finance team members

Depending on the size of your company, your job requirements, and your level of experience, you may be given more or less responsibility.

what you bring to the table

To thrive in financial and accounting jobs, you must be a numbers person. If you enjoy crunching numbers and sifting through data, finance is the right place for you!

In addition to being all about the numbers, you'll need to be highly organized, methodical and accustomed to problem-solving. Attention to detail is also incredibly important, as something as small as a missed comma or zero can change your data significantly.  

Skill in sales, communications and management, while not strictly necessary, will help you progress into senior finance jobs.

training and certifications

Many jobs in the finance and accounting sector now require an undergraduate degree, however, a diploma, certification or related experience may suffice, depending on your specific job title and your employer.

In addition, finance and accounting jobs have numerous certifications available to further demonstrate your expertise to employers. From CPA accreditations for accountants, to CFA designations for financial analysts, to CBAP certifications for business analysts there are plenty of ways to further your expertise and hone in on a specialty. Once you've decided what area you want to specialize in, look into the appropriate certifications in your province. 

where your career is headed

As the baby boomer generation looks toward retirement, senior roles in finance and accounting are opening up to younger generations.

Starting in entry and mid-level financial jobs provides you with the opportunity to grow and gain the experience needed to take over senior and managerial roles in the future. Roles you can grow into include: accounting supervisor, accounts payable manager, accounts receivable manager, payroll manager, tax manager and controller, among others.

latest financial and accounting jobs available

  • Comptable de propriétés Montreal

    26/03/2017 Montreal, Québec Temporary

    En ce moment, Randstad recrute pour notre client @ Montréal-Est, de l'industrie alimentaire avec un poste de Comptable ... read more

  • Technicien, Comptes recevables Montreal

    26/03/2017 Montreal, Québec Temporary

    Poste: Technicien aux comptes recevables Lieu: Montréal (Est) Durée :2-3 mois Salaire : 15-18$/h Notre client, un ... read more

  • Commis aux Payables Montreal

    26/03/2017 Montreal, Québec Temporary

    Titre: Commis Payables Sénior Contrat: 2 mois Horaire: 37.5 heures/semaine Lieu: montréal Relevant de ... read more

  • Commis aux Recevables Montreal

    26/03/2017 Montreal, Québec Temporary

    Notre client @ ville saint-laurent est à la recherche d'un commis aux comptes recevables immédiatement pour se joindre ... read more

  • Agent de collection Montreal

    25/03/2017 Montreal, Québec Permanent

    Poste : Agent de collection Salaire : 45K-50K selon l'expérience de la personne Secteur : Montréal Est Vous avez un ... read more

  • Agent aux payables Montreal

    25/03/2017 Montreal, Québec Permanent

    Poste : Agent aux payables Salaire : 16$hrs + avantages sociaux Poste Permanent Secteur: Montréal Est Vous avez de ... read more

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we partner with the finance & accounting talent of today and tomorrow

We live in a world where as successful career increasingly depends on who you know. Luckily, you know us. Rest assured the decisions we make are based on a firm and holistic understanding of what it takes to succeed in today’s business climate, and lay the foundation for future success in the finance and accounting industry.

We make it a priority to focus on your near and long-term goals & personal objectives. As you focus on developing your career, we're here to help you find opportunities where you will thrive.

  • We focus on both near and long-term outlooks.
  • We share current and future industry changes and trends.
  • We leverage our worldwide capabilities to find and develop new opportunities others can’t.

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Technology has shifted the recruitment paradigm in the finance and accounting field. We're committed to providing access to innovative technologies that ensure your continued growth and development, and extend the realm of possibilities open to you. Worldwide, we invest in strategic technologies, which allow us to pave the way and set the standard in terms of the quality of service we offer to finance and accounting talent.

As much as we depend on technology to help us maintain a high level of service, we continue to embrace the people side of recruitment. With a healthy combination of technology and people skills, we build long lasting relationships that stand the test of time.

we're experts at helping finance & accounting talent thrive

You’re a specialist in the finance and accounting industry. We feel the same way about the recruitment industry. Our experienced recruiters know the roles they recruit for inside and out. Our knowledge, innate understanding, and personal experience put us in a position to be a true partner as you develop your career and search for opportunities that will ensure the right fit for you and your new employer.

Further, our training program is specific to the finance & accounting sector. We're committed to continuing to improve our technical & interpersonal skills to ensure that you're working with a recruiter who is specialized in finance and accounting and is fully equipped to understand your needs and expectations.

  • We provide people intelligence
  • We use a 360° consultant model
  • We constantly measure service satisfaction