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everything you need to know about being a bank customer service representative

A bank customer service representative must play many roles, not the least of which is to protect sensitive data and monies entrusted to his or her employer. Thus, anyone applying for bank customer service jobs must be able to follow strict regulations and guidelines.

Bank customer service representatives frequently work with money and may be required to perform sales duties as well. For instance, a job description for a bank customer service representative may highlight the need to “upsell” customers on the bank’s newest products, for example, a new line of credit or a new mortgage rate.

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average customer service salaries in the banking industry

Unfortunately, there is no median job salary available for bank customer service representatives. Some are paid hourly, others are salaried, and rates vary greatly depending on experience, job title and additional skills, such as bilingualism.

As with most professions, the longer you have worked in the industry, the higher the compensation you can expect to earn. In more general terms (not specifically the financial industry) customer service representative salaries range from about $25,000 to $50,000.



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what being a customer service representative entails

Generally speaking, as a bank customer service representative, you will work regular hours, either as a part-time or full-time employee. However, some overtime may be required on an as-needed basis.

Anyone applying for customer service jobs in the banking industry should expect to undergo a thorough background check and possibly a drug test.

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your day to day tasks

As a bank customer service representative, a large part of your job involves communication. Communication may take place face-to-face or in a virtual setting, or even a combination of both.

Common duties for bank customer service representatives include:

  • helping customers manage their funds
  • answering questions regarding the bank’s products and services
  • troubleshooting problems related to customer finances
  • researching and solving issues as they arise
  • learning sales techniques to entice customers to try new bank services
  • inputting customer and bank data
  • training other bank customer service representatives and employees
  • contacting customers
  • managing access to the bank vault
  • processing payments and monitoring the finances held at the bank
customer service in banking

where you can work

Until there are no longer financial institutions, there will always be a need to fill customer service jobs in the financial industry.

The largest Canadian employers in the financial industry are the big five banks, however, insurance companies, consulting companies, and accounting companies may also require customer service representatives with some degree of financial expertise.


what you bring to the table

A lot of trust is placed upon customer service representatives at banks. To that end, you must prove that you are client-focused, credible, patient, organized and capable.

As a bank customer service representative, you must always be ready to provide exceptional customer service. This job can require a lot of patience and can quickly become stressful when customers experience issues and become stressed themselves.

training and certifications

Becoming a bank customer service representative is ideal for your first job, especially if you do not have a university degree. Eevn so, some bank customer service jobs may require that applicants have prior customer service experience, though not necessarily at a financial institution.

Unless the job description says otherwise, most candidates should have a high school diploma or equivalent.

where your career is headed

Bank customer service representatives often report to a mid-level bank manager or supervisor. These are also the kind of roles that you can grow into as you gain experience as a customer service representative at your bank.

Many bank customer service representatives also find that attending classes in sales techniques helps them advance their career.

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