bookkeeper jobs

bookkeeper jobs

Bookkeepers maintain the financial records for small or medium-sized companies, either as employees or as self-employed professionals. Demand is strong in many areas of Canada.

bookkeeper jobs

bookkeeper job description

Work realities:
Unlike accounting clerks, who often handle an accounting specialty in large companies, Bookkeepers are generalists who usually work in small to medium-sized offices, processing all financial transactions for a company and entering them into a ledger or software program. Many Bookkeepers work part time or as self-employed contractors.

Bookkeepers invoice customers, record payments, process payroll, monitor petty cash, and produce financial reports. Full charge. Bookkeepers also handle payroll taxes and financial statements. While they work independently, a contracted professional accountant monitors their work on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Future possibilities:
Bookkeepers can become accountants with more education and training.

Bookkeeper positions require a thorough knowledge of accounting principles, proficiency in office and accounting software, math aptitude, and excellent technical skills in various accounting functions.

required skills and training

Bookkeepers have a high school diploma and either a university degree in an accounting-related discipline or a combination of coursework and experience.

Depending on the position, Bookkeeper jobs may require several years of experience.

Skills and Certifications:
Bookkeepers need to be bondable. Aside from technical competence in accounting and accounting software, Bookkeepers must have a high degree of professionalism and respect confidentiality. Bookkeepers can enhance their credentials by taking additional coursework and pass exams to become certified by the Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping. French and English fluency is a plus in many jobs.

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