payroll manager jobs

payroll manager jobs

Payroll Managers oversee the payroll function in businesses and organizations and may help develop and implement company payroll and benefit policies.

payroll manager jobs

payroll manager job description

Work realities:
Payroll Managers work in office environments where they oversee the work of Payroll Supervisors or Payroll Clerks. In larger companies, some potential functions such as compensation and benefits administration are split among managers. In smaller companies, the Payroll Manager might play a more hands-on role in preparing payroll.

Payroll Managers assure that compensation is administered according to company policy and employment law. In most companies, the Payroll Manager verifies the accuracy of payroll processing, tax payments, and other tasks performed by clerks or supervisors as well as interpreting payroll statistical reports. The Payroll Manager may also play a role in developing and enforcing compensation policies, developing benefits plans, and working with outside payroll firms that may provide services.

Future possibilities:
Payroll Managers can reach upper management status with experience or specialize further in areas such as benefits, compensation, or compliance.

Payroll Manager positions require accounting expertise, an excellent grasp of payroll principles, problem solving and decision making skills, and a thorough understanding of compensation and tax law.

required skills and training

Some Payroll Managers may move up through the ranks with only a high school diploma, but most positions require at least a college degree in accounting, business administration, human resources, or a related area.

Experience in payroll functions, with a job history of increasing responsibility, is usually required for Payroll Managers.

Skills and Certifications:
Payroll Managers are experienced with accounting principles, as well as laws pertaining to compensation. Certification from the Canadian Payroll Association is preferred for those who want mobility in the payroll field. Fluency in both French and English is an asset.

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