project accountant jobs

project accountant jobs

Project Accountants are in great demand in Canada as companies assign project accountants to various projects to keep tabs on costs. Energy companies, in particular, are booming in Canada as they build infrastructure to extract resources.

project accountant jobs

project accountant job description

Work realities:
Usually based in an office, Project Accountants work on a computer with accounting software to provide assistance to Project Managers. Often a member of a team, the Project Accountant may work with people in other areas of the organization to assess cost, profitability, and performance. After gathering data about costs, the Project Accountant analyzes it in order to produce reports and reviews.

Project Accountants oversee and coordinate ongoing project costs with Project Managers and other personnel to ensure that all financial aspects of project execution are on track. They might prepare financial statements and reconciliations and review invoices to make sure the project is on budget before passing them along to the Project Manager for approval.

Future possibilities:
Cost Accountants can move to higher-level accounting or management positions.

Project Accounting jobs require the ability to work independently and in collaboration with others. Candidates must have strong investigative skills, attention to detail, and analytical skills to make sure that the project remains within budget, coupled with well-developed communication skills. Projects Accountants are experts in Microsoft Office programs, but need a familiarity with ERP software as well.

required skills and training

A university degree in accounting or a related field is required for most jobs.

Most jobs require three years or more of experience in project management or cost accounting, auditing, budgeting, financial planning, or financial analysis.

Skills and Certifications:
Certification as a CPA, CMA, CGA, or other designation from a professional accounting organization for Chartered Accountants, General Accountant, and Management Accountants is required for most positions. Some first will accept candidates with credentials almost in hand. Knowing several languages is a great asset, as Project Accountants may deal with immigrant workers or multi-national companies.

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