human resources manager jobs

human resources manager jobs

As a Manager, you plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the activities of the unit that reports to you efficiently and profitably. Depending on the size of your organization, there may be a hierarchy of management. What you’re responsible for, who reports to you and who you report to depends on which level you reside and the industry or organization employs you. Management exists in all industries and organizations across all public and private sectors.

As a Manager, you establish objectives for your department in accordance with those of your organization. You decide what work needs to be done to realize those objectives and often assign jobs as part of your organizational responsibilities. You make sure appropriate systems and procedures are developed and followed. You also establish appropriate targets and then analyze, appraise and interpret performance. To ensure successful execution of company objectives, you manage middle managers and senior staff members. You’re someone who gets the best out of his team.

human resources manager jobs

human resources manager job description

In the course of your workday, you may:

  • plan, set up and supervise action plans
  • provide expertise and support
  • establish work schedules, assignments and delivery targets
  • manage budgetary and financial responsibilities of the department
  • prepare and distribute accurate and effective reporting
  • provide motivation and communication
  • direct and advise staff in the development and implementation of department and company strategies
  • provide effective performance evaluation
  • work with HR to hire, assure training and supervise staff
  • develop team members to be assets to the company and realize advancement

future possibilities

General or Operations Managers can look forward to promotion to directorships and Vice Presidencies and other high-level roles such as Director, President, CEO or COO.

required skills

A successful Manager needs:

  • problem and conflict solving and decision making skills
  • strong organizational skills
  • ethical standards and professionalism
  • good communication skills
  • the ability to manage a team
  • the ability to delegate
  • the ability to disseminate information to his team
  • to create and support a corporate culture consistent with the overall organization


An undergraduate degree or college diploma in business administration or a field related to the business that employs you is the foundation for successful employment as a Manager, followed by several years of successful experience in managing staff, executing strategies and showing results. Some organizations require further certification or licensing in the field in which their business operates.

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